Napa: The One Part of Norcal I Like

Yes.  Napa is quite lovely.  It is beautiful with its rolling hills and picturesque towns and numerous greenery.  🙂  Let’s not forget, the good food and good wine!  🙂

I went to Napa quite awhiles back with my good friend Kristin.  🙂  Even though I was deathly ill (sorry about that Kristin), I still had a wonderful time!  It was one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve ever had.  Lots of wine tasting, lots of eating, and lots of sleeping.  🙂

Our first stop was Chateau Montelena.  Fancy schmancy.  Isn’t this building pretty?  Too bad it’s a facade. hahaha.

There was this random Jade Garden at the Chateau too.  haha.  Apparently, you can reserve private dining in one of the little terrace/pagoda things. hahaha.

Next we went to the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) at what used to be a beautiful old vineyard called Greystone.  🙂  Delicious food.  Yes!

The kitchen was very exciting.  Hustling and bustling right in the middle of the eating area.  I know I’d be unnerved having so many eyes on me.. but then again, these peoples are professionals. haha.

We went to a couple other vineyards, but I didn’t take any pictures.  However, the coolest one we went to was definitely Raymond.  🙂

They also had this giant frame in front of this “throne” for people to take pictures.  haha.  And inside the room where they keep all the vats, they host parties and other interesting events.  Yes.. quite interesting. hahaha.

Kristin and I also went to this fancy restaurant called Brix.  It was amazing!  Ididn’t take pictures because I felt awkward doing so.  Not to mention, Kristin and I were by far the youngest people in that restaurant.  Didn’t want to attract more attention than we had to, considering I was already coughing up half my lungs.  🙂

Ah yes.  I love Napa.  It’s a fun place to go with friends or significant others!  🙂  There are also many other fun things to do like horseback riding, going up in hot air balloons, hiking, shopping, and more!  🙂  Maybe I should take the time to do those the next time I go up to Napa.  😀