“Healthy” Sushi, Anyone?

I know.  What can be healthier than fish on rice?  (And no.  Those nasty rolls with cream cheese are not my idea of “healthy”.)

Sushi… made with BROWN RICE?!

Yes.  I mean, no.  I am not one of those health freaks who is constantly jumping on every single new “superfood” trend that comes about.  I have heard enough about soybeans, acai, quinoa, and pomegranates!  Brown rice though.  Hm.  I used to purple rice… sooooo I guess I’m okay with my rice being brown.  🙂

But sushi with brown rice?!  I was instantly intrigued when I happened upon Shikibu while Yelping (yes, I made it a verb!).   This tiny sushi bar (and when I mean tiny… I mean TINY) was less than 5 minutes from my apartment too!   I think there was only space for about 5 people inside and maybe 4 out on the “patio”. But despite the cramped conditions, the food was delicious!  🙂  And I felt so healthy eating it too.  😛

My friend Wendy Shaun and I ordered a Tiger Roll, Salmon Roll, and Crispy Brown Rice with Spicy Tuna.  😀  YUM.

I thoroughly enjoyed this meal.  🙂  I can’t wait to go back.  Considering that it was decently priced and less than a mile from my apartment…it’s definitely a keeper! 😀