Welcome to My Kitchen!

How rude of me!  How long have we been friends and I still haven’t given you a tour?!  Excuse my lapse of hospitality for a quick tour of my little kitchen!

As you can see, it is a very narrow kitchen.  The kitchen can barely handle having two people.. so you can imagine how crazy it gets when I’m trying to bake and my apartment-mates are trying to cook their dinner.  It’s not pretty.

Needless to say, I have managed to somehow survive despite the cramped conditions.  Thanks largely in part to the large dining table that also serves as my storage/work space.   Perfect for rolling out dough and an ideal space to stack/pile my baking junk! 🙂

This table is technically our dining table… but since we don’t own chairs, I have laid claim to it. hehe.  It’s usually this messy.  Unfortunately.  I can only keep it clean on average for about 2 days. 😦  I am not the neatest kid on the block.  That’s for sure.

Also, in the back corner you can see my pantry/pseudo-cupboard for all my ingredients and supplies and bakeware.  It is full to the brim and yet.. you see how messy the table is.  YIKES.  I need more storage space!

You like my creative use of space?  Yeah.  My stove is usually that messy too.  Gotta use all the counter-space I can get!

Brilliant, isn’t it?  Where else could I store my 25 lb bags of sugar and flour without fear of mess or pests?  My cooler, of course! 🙂

Here are some of my most favorite tools! 🙂

I obviously have other tools that are indispensable for my baking adventures.  I unfortunately do not have pictures and you probably wouldn’t care to see them. 🙂  But I am hoping to get some new cupcake tins and cookie sheets soon, because some of them are 3 years old and starting to rust… (don’t worry, I usually cover with foil or parchment paper!).  Yes yes.  And one can never have too many mixing bowls or rubber spatulas. hehe.  I can’t wait to hit up Surfas in a couple weeks! Shopping spreeeee!

I hope everyone is enjoying their sunny and warm 3-day weekend! 😀


A New Love: SURFAS & Mini Cupcakes

Again, I know I’m the obsessive type.  I did post awhile back how I love Sur La Table (which I still do, just not my current obsession), but I’ve found a new place!  Surfas!  It’s right down the street from me (how did I not know this place existed?!) and not only is it an awesome place to shop for baking/cooking supplies, but it has a cute cafe with free wifi too?!  OMG.  Future hangout spot FOR SURE. 🙂

I didn’t take pictures because I was too amazed by the sheer selection of bakeware, cookware, dinnerware, ingredients, and what not! I also felt that it’d be a little silly to take pictures so… perhaps next time?  Or you should take my word for it and just go for yourself! 🙂

So four of the things I bought today were a 24 mini cupcake pan, 5oo gold mini cupcake pans, and blue and yellow sanding sugars.  And no.  This isn’t actually the secret I was referring to in one of my previous posts.  🙂  But I may be making something something for certain someone someones. haha

Want a sneak peak? 🙂

I shall post up more pictures when they are all decorated! 🙂

And I really really like mini cupcakes.  They are so precious! YAY.