Cute (and Delicious) Ways to Stay Cool

Remember when I was complaining how awful it is to bake in the valley?


I have found a delicious (and non-miserable) way to create yummy treats without melting to death.  🙂  Not to mention, they make me incredibly nostalgic.  Just like watching Mighty Morphing Power Rangers… blast from the past!

You know what I’m talking about, right?  Two cool (and I mean it literally) desserts that we have all enjoyed as children: JELLO & POPSICLES!  🙂

Shattered Glass Jello Bundt Cake and Fruit Popsicles have been my new favorite snacks to stay cool in this horrendous heat.  🙂

Care to see more?  Wait?  What am I talking about?! Of course you do!

Shattered Glass Jello Bundt Cake.  Now, what exactly is that?  See below!

I love that you can use any container really to make Jello.  My handy dandy Pyrex containers.  My super cute Aladdin tupperwares.

Did I mention that I made this treat for a 4th of July BBQ?  Explains the red, white, and blue.   White?  Not white jello.  Something even better!  Condensed milk!  😀

Next, I cubed up the strawberry and blue raspberry jello.  Tossed them into a bundt pan and poured in all that condensed milk goodness!

Let it set overnight.  Then had this beautiful treat after some hamburgers and corn-on-the-cob!  🙂


I also made some 5 layer jello too.  Used the same flavors + condensed milk goodness.  Took a little more time than the bundt cake, but equally delicious!

Sorry it’s a bit blurry.  Was too involved in a game of Taboo to notice the poor picture quality!

You know.  I was going to post about my fruit popsicles… but I might leave that for next time.  🙂  And since I’m making it such a priority to stay on top of my blogging, I assure you that it will be up soon!

In the meantime, stay cool, my friends.  Make some jello!  Eat some jello!  🙂


New Place, New Post!

Hello hello!

It has been a VERY long time since I’ve posted.  (Yeah, I’m bad like that.)  Not because I wasn’t baking, but because I’ve been busy moving and settling in my new place.  😀

Yes!  I have moved!  Still living in the westside though, because west LA is the best place everrrr!  Especially in this intense summer weather, I am extremely grateful to live so close to the ocean so I won’t die from the heat.

Oven heat + summer heat = DEATH.

But yes, I did manage to find time to bake a couple times while many of my things were still in their boxes.  🙂  I’m a bit sad that my new oven is smaller than my last one.. but I will make do with what I got.   Sigh.

Anywho.  Since it’s summer, I’ve been on a fruit spree!  Not to eat.  Oh no.  No.  I can’t look at fruit now without thinking about how I might bake with it.  hahaha.  I love cobblers, pies, and tarts!  Perfect topped with whipped cream or ice cream!  nom nom nom.

Speaking of which.. I have delicious lemons and peaches that desperately need to be consumed/used.  Hmm.  Peach hand pies? Lemon bars?  Peach crumble?  Lemon meringue cookies?

I have a whole bunch of things to post about… so please be patient!  But here’s a heads-up:  EXPECT LOTS OF FRUIT!  😉

For the Love of…APPLE PIE! :D

Yes.  Good ole’ apple pie.  The very essence of America.. or so they say.. along with baseball and selling lemonade as a kid and liberties and rights and what not. 🙂

I am not an especially big fan of apple pies.. but apple a la mode is a very satisfying dessert. 🙂  And if you’re having a BBQ…well, then you need to have an apple pie!  Duh.

I have been wanting to bake pies all summer and I have made a few already (Buttermilk Pie, Blackberry Cream Pie… okay I lie.  Only two pies, but whatever.) and for whatever reason I haven’t made an apple pie yet.. 🙂  I really wanted to make a double crusted pie.  Streusel toppings are fun.. but not as special as a lattice-top pie or something cute like heart cut outs. 🙂

Baking apple pies are fun!  I was a little bit worried about the whole lattice top pie.. but it was actually quite easy to do! 🙂  I didn’t brush the tops of my pies with egg whites.. so they didn’t come out as pretty as I would have liked them to be. 😦  Oh well, next time!

Also, I want to try a different top crust next time.  I am thinking of cutting out little hearts and putting them in rows across the top.  Can you imagine it?  How freaken CUTE would that be?! 😀  Or maybe some stars or circles.. or leaves?  It is almost (well… not that we really experience fall in LA) FALL!  🙂  OOO.  As much as I love summer.. I really LOVE fall!  I can’t wait for pumpkin pie, persimmon cookies, and gingerbread cookies! 🙂  Yum yum!

Oh yes.  Some sad news… apparently I broke my memory card.. and my camera doesn’t work without one.  So.. no pictures for awhile. 😦  I still have one more post (on cookies!) to post.. but until I get a new memory card.. there shall be no more pictures!  😦

BOO.  I’m really sad because I made some freaken cute pecan pie pie pops (imagine tiny pies on a popsicle stick!) and bourbon peach hand pies (imagine pies that fit in your hand!).  SIGH.  Oh.  And homemade savory and sweet pop tarts (pesto and nutella, respectively).

Well.. I assure you that I will order that new memory card very soon and I will be back in action in no time! 🙂

Summer is hereeeeeeeeee!

I love summer!

Summer means beach and BBQs  and fireworks and beach and amusement parks and beach and O.C. Fair and Hollywood Bowl.. and oh, did I mention beach?!

Yeah.  I can’t believe I grew up so close to the beach and didn’t come to love it until last year!  Crazy!  🙂

I went to the beach today because… well, because I just wanted to! I was afraid of the June Gloom, but fortunately, the gloom was gone when I got there!  Beautiful blue skies for miles around!   Got some reading done and napping.  And… got a teensy bit sunburned too.  Didn’t realize how powerful those UV rays are. 😦

And since summer is here… I want to try and make popsicles!  🙂  I want to make ice cream and fruit drinks and pies too!  Yum yum. 🙂  Fruit tarts are in season too… and I feel the need to make lots of cupcakes. 😀

Summer also makes me want to eat lots of BBQ food too.  Corn on the cob.  Grilled salmon.  Potato salad.  Steak.  Salads!  Yum.  Or sushi on those super hot days when you don’t want to eat anything (I’m not the only one that feels that way right?!). 🙂  Delicious.

Summer time is awesome. 🙂