Fritto Misto is Italian for Good Times!

Okay, not quite.  More like “fried seafood”.  I think, or so someone told me. hahaha.

But this cute little place is delicious and the perfect setting for a fun night with friends.  🙂

Fritto Misto:  assortment of fried deliciousness

Fried Pasta Pillows and Atomic Pasta!

Italian Sausage Linguini & Sausage Lasagna

Cajun Chicken Breast Fettuccine & Stuffed Chicken Breast Linguini

Tira Misu “For Two”

(A very misleading name….this thing was HUGE.  The six of us couldn’t finish it. haha)

Twas a very delicious and satisfying meal.  Lots of laughing and good times all around.  Plus, delicious leftovers the next day.  🙂

I definitely shall be returning to Fritto Misto!  😀


Hurray for Food and Friends!

Oh my.  It feels like I haven’t blogged for so long!  But this past weekend/week has been very crazy with lots of eating and friending and baking, so expect lotsa pictures! 🙂

On Saturday night, I got together with my Mag Crew girls.  (They’ve been pestering me to update about them. Geez.) We went to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach.  I sure do love fried chicken and waffles! 😀

Here.  You can meet them! 🙂

Whitney.  The strange but lovely one. 🙂

Allie. The small but sassy one.  Em.  The bestie.

Kari.  The emo wild one.

Dark meat with waffles and maple syrup?  DELISH.

Macaroni and candied yams. I love sides.

All in all a pretty typical wild night.  haha jk.  It was good. Good food and good company and good conversation.  I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in quite some time. 🙂  I’m a huge fan of belly-aching good laughter!  Yay!

Then on Sunday after church I went to The Boiling Crab in Rowland Heights.  I’ve been wanting to go to this place for quite some time.  Eating with my hands is definitely something I am not ashamed to do.  🙂  And I do often crave seafood, so this was perfect.  More pictures, shall we?

Super excited is Alex.

As is Kimmie.

The ridiculous water that they charged me 25 cents for because it’s in a take-out cup.  REALLY NOW?!

Because honestly… who can resist sweet potato fries?!

Fried oysters anyone?

Yummy shrimp!  I was kinda lazy to peel the shrimp… so I ate them whole. HAHA.

We did get another things… clams…dungeness crab…more fried stuff and fries.. but my hands were super greasy so I couldn’t take pictures.  Sad. Oh well.  All in all twas a good experience.  A tad overrated, in my opinion, but who doesn’t love eating spicy seafood with their hands?!

Oh how I love food!  I still need to try out the local cafes and restaurants in my area… hmm.. more food updates to come! 🙂

Santa Monica is a wonderful place!

I’m a bit ashamed to say that I’ve lived in socal (specifically South Bay) for my whole life, but I didn’t really start exploring Santa Monica until college.  Not only is 3rd street wonderful for its awesome shopping and pretty-to-look-at-but-not-touch-cuz-it’s-filthy-beach, but for the awesome cafes and diners and eateries!

Two such wonderful places are Santa Monica Seafood Co. and Huckleberry Cafe!  They are conveniently located right next to each other and have free valet parking/an actual parking lot to boot!  (I really do loathe the plethora of parking meters that eat up my laundry money!)  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of these two places.  Le sigh.  They are QUITE cute!  (Perfect dates spots too… might I add.  So for those of you couples out there looking for a fun place to snack/chat/chill, these two are great choices!)

Since I visited the Santa Monica Seafood Co. first, I shall start with that.  I heard of it from a good friend and decided to check it out.  What I love about this place is that it’s a marketplace, oyster bar, and restaurant all-in-one!  They have fresh seafood of all kinds, plus a small little deli with veggies and sauces and wines and flowers and even garlic bread!  Yum!  There is an oyster bar with quite a wide assortment of oysters (which I am not yet a fan of) too.  Last, there is the restaurant with a pretty varied selection from salads to sandwiches to soups and of course to seafood (ooo I’m loving my unintended alliteration!).  I LOVE the crab cakes!  The clam chowder is pretty darn good too. 🙂  All in all, a great date place (for you desperate guys that don’t know where to go) or a chill meal with friends (I will definitely be going there again!).  Next time, I hope to actually purchase some fresh fish or some of their goods in their deli.  Sorry that I don’t have pictures.  My sad words just can’t paint how achingly amazing I found this place to be.  😦

Huckleberry Cafe looks and feels as incredibly rustic and cute as it sounds!

(Sidenote: I know.  I need to stop using the word “cute”.  Honestly, right?  How many times in one post can I use “cute”? Current count: 3. Oh wow.  That was actually fewer than I thought… anywhos…)

When you see it from the outside, you know that it’s going to be one of those “it’s-so-cute-that-I-want-to-squeeze-it-and-love-it-forever!” places.  Seriously.  The moment I first saw it (which was when I first ate at Santa Monica Seafood Co.), I KNEW I had to go there.  One day.  So last week I went there with a gal pal and dove into the wonderful cafe of cuteness I’d knew it be.  Huckleberry Cafe did not disappoint!

The minute you walk in.. you know.. this place is going to be good.  I know I know.  I shouldn’t get swept away by decor and ambiance.  That’s how some places (like Cheesecake Factory) get away with their subpar menu.  !! Anyways, Huckleberry Cafe is charming and welcoming with its windows and openness and simplicity and quirky decor.  They buy everything locally (from the farmer’s market) and are all about sustainability.  🙂  Plus, it’s owned by a cute couple who grew up in Santa Monica and wanted to open a bakery where friends and family can enjoy good food and good company.  Cute!  They also have family dinner nights!

But seriously.  I love this place.  Yes. I seem to throw the words “cute” and “love” around too freely.  You’ll just have to go there to believe it.  They have freshly made bread.  They have breakfast foods and salads and sandwiches and soups and pizzas and rotisserie chicken and amazingggggggggggg desserts!  I had the Chocolate Truffle Pudding.  Oh. It. Was. Delicious.  Rich and dark and truffle-y and heaven-in-a-cute-cup!  My friend got the Passionfruit Posset and it was tart and refreshing and oh-so-light!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t hungry (since I ate breakfast only a couple hours before and I am an either-breakfast-or-lunch-but-not-both kinda girl) so I did not get to try the food on their menu.  But I have to say.. the rotisserie chicken and pulled-pork sandwich looked quite tempting… Next time.. yes… *drooooool*

I do have to say that I tend to like everything I check out.  Or maybe I just happen to only check out good places?  haha jk.  But honestly.  If you are on Wilshire and 10th, please please PLEASE check out one of them.  Actually.  You can go and eat lunch/dinner at SMSC and get desserts or coffee next door at HC.  Or you can get lunch at HC (and of course desserts) and buy some fresh fish to cook for dinner from SMSC.  I assure you.  You will not be disappointed. 🙂

Wow.  I can’t believe I gushed so much in the past however long it took me to write this.  🙂  But seriously, so many awesome places in Santa Monica!  Would you happen to know any other places I should check out? 🙂  DO SHARE!

Oh and I just checked out another cafe today.  Man.  I cannot post as fast as I visit these places.  RAWR. 🙂

Oh yeah and I’m amazed I only used “cute” 10 times! Woot! 🙂  Someone get me a thesaurus stat!