Back into the Swing of Things

Ah yes.  The past month or so has been a bit odd in terms of adjustments to my schedule and daily routine.. so I haven’t been able to post as much.  I’m sure you’ve noticed.  I actually… kind of forgot.. about my blog.  (YIKES!)

But here are my pretty legit reasons for the lack of updating:

1.  I actually work now.  Every day.  For a substantial amount of time. Sitting in kindergarten and falling asleep along with the poor kids in it.

2. Church ministries are starting back up with lots of new commitments. 😀

3.  I hurt my back a few weeks back and I couldn’t run for two weeks.  Sad part about this?  I was washing the dishes when it happened. UGH.

4. I broke my camera memory card, so I couldn’t take any pictures. Sad.

5. I got kind of busy and since I didn’t have a working camera… I kind of slowed down the baking craziness.  Yeah.

6. UCLA has resumed so that means my social calendar has increased threefold.  Okay fine.  I’m not THAT popular.  😦

But yes,  I am adjusting well (thanks for asking!).  🙂

Quite exciting the different seasons we have in life.  I thoroughly enjoy transitions and changes!

But now that my work schedule is stable, my back is at 95% healed, running routines have resumed, and the camera is back in action.. I do think it is time for me to start posting again! 🙂

So hopefully I shall be good about posting regularly again.  I do have several things to write about, so please be looking forward to that! 😀


Welcome to My Kitchen!

How rude of me!  How long have we been friends and I still haven’t given you a tour?!  Excuse my lapse of hospitality for a quick tour of my little kitchen!

As you can see, it is a very narrow kitchen.  The kitchen can barely handle having two people.. so you can imagine how crazy it gets when I’m trying to bake and my apartment-mates are trying to cook their dinner.  It’s not pretty.

Needless to say, I have managed to somehow survive despite the cramped conditions.  Thanks largely in part to the large dining table that also serves as my storage/work space.   Perfect for rolling out dough and an ideal space to stack/pile my baking junk! 🙂

This table is technically our dining table… but since we don’t own chairs, I have laid claim to it. hehe.  It’s usually this messy.  Unfortunately.  I can only keep it clean on average for about 2 days. 😦  I am not the neatest kid on the block.  That’s for sure.

Also, in the back corner you can see my pantry/pseudo-cupboard for all my ingredients and supplies and bakeware.  It is full to the brim and yet.. you see how messy the table is.  YIKES.  I need more storage space!

You like my creative use of space?  Yeah.  My stove is usually that messy too.  Gotta use all the counter-space I can get!

Brilliant, isn’t it?  Where else could I store my 25 lb bags of sugar and flour without fear of mess or pests?  My cooler, of course! 🙂

Here are some of my most favorite tools! 🙂

I obviously have other tools that are indispensable for my baking adventures.  I unfortunately do not have pictures and you probably wouldn’t care to see them. 🙂  But I am hoping to get some new cupcake tins and cookie sheets soon, because some of them are 3 years old and starting to rust… (don’t worry, I usually cover with foil or parchment paper!).  Yes yes.  And one can never have too many mixing bowls or rubber spatulas. hehe.  I can’t wait to hit up Surfas in a couple weeks! Shopping spreeeee!

I hope everyone is enjoying their sunny and warm 3-day weekend! 😀

Summer Days, Summer Craze

I am usually a fan of cooler days.. but when it’s summer I want my sun!  🙂

I’m glad the sun has finally started to show its face earlier and earlier these days.  There is nothing fun about wearing dresses when it’s misting and raining in JULY!  Oh no.

One thing I love/hate about the summer is that there is so much to do and there is so much to do!  Everyone and their mom seems to be out more and normally not-too-crowded areas are jam packed!  Yikes.  But who can blame them?  We live in socal.  Must get out and enjoy the sun! 🙂

Speaking of which, I went to Santa Monica today for brunch with some friends.  We ate at Jack n Jill’s Cafe.  SO CUTE.  I would like to go back some more. 🙂

Pictures from brunch!

But yes…

I suppose the main reason for this post (I am in a bit of a rambling mood…) is to talk about my current summer craze: making with fruit! 🙂  You may have seen some of my past posts with all of my fruit creations…but seriously.  I want to bake with fruit all the time!  😀  I made nectarine galettes, but now I want to make them with plums!  I made blackberry cream pie, but now I want to make citrus or raspberry pies!  I made apple muffins, but now I want to make lemon raspberry cupcakes!  Ah.  So many fruits and pies.. but so so little time. 😦

I think I need to set a goal for myself.  This will sort of contain the craziness and make sure I have enough time to make everything I want to make!  My apartmentment bought me this awesome pie and tart recipe book.  I think my goal will be to steadily bake through it.  I have done a handful of them already and since most of them are fruit pies/tarts, I think that it shall satisfy my cravings to bake with fruit! 🙂

Another goal is to bake more cookies!  I’ve been focusing on tarts and pies and cakes and cupcakes a lot that I’ve neglected the cookie!  I bought this cute cookie recipes book and I haven’t even baked one yet!  SIGH.  If only flour and eggs and butter and all cake ingredients grew on trees.  😦    But yes!  I want to bake lots of cookies and cute treats. hehe.

That’s enough rambling for now… another post to come about my cookies! 🙂

Blackberries, Strawberries, and Nectarines… OH MY!

I have so many fruits and I don’t know what to do with them!

Obviously… I can eat them.. but that’s not as much fun!

I was going to bake Blackberry Pockets.. so hopefully I get around to that.  And perhaps a Strawberry Cream Pie?  Or maybe tarts or shortcakes?!  And then there are some nectarines to use too… perhaps a Nectarine Galette?  We shall see… the possibilities are endless!

But what isn’t endless is my 25lb bag of flour.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!  I used it ALLLLLLLLL up!  (This may also be why I don’t know what to make with my fruits… kinda hard to bake with no flour. haha)  I need to do some hard-core baking shopping.  I think I’m about halfway through my 25lb granulated sugar bag too.  YIKES.

OH.  And I did go to the Northridge Farmers Market last night… BUT ALAS!  I didn’t have my camera. UGH.  IT WAS SO EXCITING!  It is SUCH a different atmosphere from the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  There were TONS of food vendors.  The assortment literally stunned me!  I couldn’t decide for the longest time what to get.  I think this shall be my new Wednesday evening dinner place for the rest of the summer! 😀  And next time I’ll be sure to take LOTS of pictures!

I am still not sure what I should make with all my fruit though.

Hmm… what do you think? 🙂

Sweet Wednesday Morning Outing

To none other than the Santa Monica Farmers Market!

I know I know.  I talk about this place too much.  I seem to go there too much.  I seem to SPEND wayyyyy toooo muchhhh. 😀

But I really can’t help it!  The fresh produce.  The pretty flowers.  The sweet fruits.  I’m sucha sucker. 😦

Oh!  And since I haven’t had food in my fridge in awhile… (yeah sometimes I forget to eat…) I kinda went crazy and bought a bunch of food!  So I actually made lunch today! 🙂  yum yum.

Enjoy! 😀

You know what?  I’m going to the Northridge Farmers Market tonight too! 😀

hehe.  Stay tuned!  I hope to be baking lots of fruit tarts and pies this summer.  I AM SO EXCITED!

Baking Craze.

Since I have a night to myself at home.. I thought I’d bake!  So I go online and search for some fruit recipes (because it is summer, after all)… and OMG. I WANT TO DIE!!!

There are SOOOO many yummmmy fruit recipes and it kills me that I don’t have the time and resources to bake them all. 😦

No seriously.  I just want to die.  Sigh.  SO MANY CUTE THINGS TO BAKE!

If things go as planned, then tonight I will bake:

1. Blueberry Buttermilk Cake

2. Apple Coffee Cake

3. Whole Grain Sour Cream Apple Muffins (except.. without whole grain or sour cream. hahaha)

A bit insane?  Yes.  And I’m hoping that after I go to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market tomorrow and purchase some more fruit, then I may make Blackberry Pockets or Little Plum Galettes.

Am I mad?  YES.