For the Love of Olive Oil

Ever since I began watching cooking shows, it seems like olive oil, or EVOO, as one Food Network star puts it, is one of the most essential cooking ingredients one could have in their kitchen.

I suppose I can attest to that.  Many times have I reached for that bottle of EVOO in most if not all my dishes.  Well, not for fried chicken, of course.  For that I reach for my corn oil.  🙂

However, I have not used olive oil in my baked goods until last week.   I had heard of olive oil cake, in passing, but never thought of actually making it myself.  That is, until I happened upon it while dining at Tender Greens.  While waiting to pay for lunch, I was standing in front of the desserts/baked good section.   I love to look at these little dessert set-ups.  They give me great ideas for potential baked goods to create myself and I was not disappointed!

As I scoped out their desserts,  my eyes fell upon a cute little cake.  I figured it to be an orange cake and I was half right.  It was a darling little Orange Olive Oil Cake.  And at that moment, I was inspired!  I turned to the husband and told him that I HAD to make an olive oil cake this week!

So, I looked up a couple different recipes and decided to turn to my all-time favorite blog, Smitten Kitchen.  I didn’t use blood oranges, since I only had navel oranges.  But next time.  Yes.  Next time.

The cake was moist and the just right combination of olive oil and orange.  I was a bit worried that the olive oil flavor would be too strong and dominate, but the orange held its own.  I also sprinkled sugar on top for a nice crunchy top.  🙂


Orange zest.  Sugar.  Beautiful combination.


Real orange segments.  Buttermilk.  Fresh squeezed orange juice.


Whisk and stir it all together now!


Don’t you love the crackly sugar top?  Makes every bite delicious.   I was supposed to make an orange compote to serve on top, but I forgot.  But even without, this cake was a huge hit!  Slightly warmed for a moist and amazing treat.

I think I shall try to make this again, but with grapefruit!  Or blood oranges, like the recipe originally called for.   Can’t wait!  I’ll be sure to post about it if I ever do.

Hope you all had a wonderful President’s Day weekend!  Many many more posts to come.  🙂


Kiss My Bundt!

Bundt cake is delicious!

I used to think that bundt cakes were stuffy old-fashioned cakes, but now I realize that they are actually quite fun and tasty! I think I like them because they are usually covered in a sweet and delicious oozy glaze… 🙂


And I also found out that some people don’t like orange + chocolate!  WHAT?!  I LOVE that combination! They are crazy! Not only does it smell amazing, the tangy-ness of the orange with the sweetness of chocolate is just divine.


This cake required the zest of four oranges!  My kitchen definitely smelled citrus-y.
The cake asked for chocolate chunks… but I only had chocolate chips.  But I think it turned out chocolate-y nevertheless. hehe.
There’s something very satisfying when I see a nicely floured cake pan.  Yeah.  I don’t know.  I’m weird….
You’d think the zest of FOUR oranges would be enough… but this recipe asks for orange sugar syrup to be drizzled over the cake too!  YUM.
And last but not least–melted chocolate! 😀
Yum yum.  I do have to say… this cake is amazing when served warm!  And a tall glass of milk or maybe ice cream. hehe.
I think bundt cakes shall be a regular fixture in my kitchen.  🙂