Warm Winter Treats!

Despite the crazy weather I have managed to stay sane, keep dry, and not get into any driving accidents.

And because of the awful weather, we all deserve a pick-me-up of sorts, right?  Well, my idea of a pick-me-up is eating baked goods with a special “kick”. 🙂

Bourbon Snaps & Guinness Stout Gingerbread Cake, anyone?  🙂  So delicious!  These will keep anyone warm during the cold winter season. hehe.

It tastes like bourbon, molasses and butter. hehe. 🙂

But oh man.  The Guiness Stout Gingerbread Cake was amazing! It was moist and gingery and delicious!

Delicious! 🙂  And I’m actually going to make Banana Bourbon Bread Pudding tonight… hehe.

I am STILL so many posts behind.  Rawr.  You’d think that I would be caught up (being that I was on vacation and all), but yes.  I shall try to post them up by next week!

I think everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions should include at least one that involves baking.  Whether baking for the first time, baking more, baking less (for me..), baking for others.  The choices are endless!

Happy New Year everyone!


Kiss me, I’m a baker! pt. 2 :)

Here are the pictures as promised! Aren’t they adorable?!

i love green! 😀

guinness is actually pretty yummy.

getting them ready!

all ready to go!  the cupcakes.. the stout stayed at home. 🙂

These are really fun to make.. but unfortunately I made too many and now they are all melting.  Alas.  People just don’t appreciate.  😦  But I did really like decorating these little guys!  Just gotta love frosting and sprinkles! 😀

Kiss me, I’m a baker! ;)

Though I didn’t find any four-leaf clovers on Wednesday… I did eat some chocolate stout cupcakes!

I don’t have any pictures (at the moment) of all the decorated cupcakes.  They were green and white with green sprinkles! 😀 hehe.

I was surprised at how not chocolately they were (I did get a couple complaints from people),  but I wouldn’t say that the stout-ness (Guinness, of course) was pronounced either.  I don’t know if I’d make them again, but they were moist and not-too-sweet.  Perhaps it’ll become my St. Patrick’s Day tradition?

I was also surprised that I actually liked Guinness.   I’m not a big fan of beer, but Guinness wasn’t that bad.  🙂

Anywhos…  some exciting news is that I’m spending the weekend in Napa!  I’m so excited to go wine tasting! 😀  Woo!  Perhaps I shall be inspired to create some type of wine-dessert?  Do those even exist?  Hmm… but yes, I shall try to blog about any adventures from this weekend!

Oh and some sad news is that I burned myself for the 3rd time this year!  I burned my hand and my wrist and now I’ve burned my elbow!  I know.. weird spot.  I was checking on some baked goods and the door was propped half open, so my elbow accidentally touched the oven door.  Ouch.  But it’s healing quite nicely, in case you were worried/wondering. 🙂  I seriously wonder what I’m going to burn next. haha.

But yes…until next time, muah! 😉