Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Espresso, Chocolate, Honey & Almonds!

I think I have started, stopped, restarted, and restopped, and restarteded this post so many times.  Instead of trying to write a fun intro.. I’m going to just dive in!  Ready?!

First off, we have a Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich with Peanut Butter Filling.


When you mix together flour, spices, and oatmeal plus some nicely chopped up pecans.. do you know what you get?  Lemme tell you.  You get amazing amazing oatmeal cookies!  Oh, and you mustn’t forget the sugar and butter too.  All whipped up nice and fluffy.

And if you look closely in that first picture, do you catch a glimpse of yet another wonderful present from the husband?  Yes, it is a rabbit whisk!  Cute right?  🙂


Yummy!  They were wonderfully soft and chewy.  They didn’t turn out as flat as I hoped.   I wanted them to be flatter so that they wouldn’t be humongous when I filled them.   But seeing how fast they disappeared… I guess it really didn’t matter.

P1230688 P1230692Beautiful, right?!  My coworkers INHALED them.  I bring them baked goods every week.  Some are hits and some are miserable misses.  But these cookies are still raved about today!   I made these cookies 2 weeks ago!  I rarely bake the same things twice, but this one, this one I must.  Otherwise… I fear retribution from the coworkers. hahaha.

Next, we have Espresso Chocolate Shortbread Cookies.

I guess I take back what I just wrote earlier about not baking the same things twice.  I did indeed bake this before.  But thinking back I do not believe I actually posted it.  And looking back through my archives… I do believe I am correct.

This is a delicious rich buttery cookie.  I don’t really eat shortbread cookies all that often.  I realize that this is a big mistake.  They are crisp and yet melt in your mouth.  The lovely marriage of espresso and bittersweet chocolate.  You would think that this cookie, being chock full of chocolate-y bits, would be very sweet.  However, since I used bittersweet chocolate, it was just the right intensity of dark cocoa flavor.  🙂


And did you know that this cookie is actually kinda fun to make.  But I suppose if you’re really anal about like having really straight lines.. this might be more fun?  Less fun?  After chilling the dough inside a gallon-sized ziploc bag, I used my cutting board to cut my cookies.  If you look closely, you can see the little rectangles I cut.  They were somewhat straight… I really don’t care that much, as you can see.  haha.



They go quite well with coffee.  Or milk.  Or chocolate milk!  Yum.  Chocolate soy milkkkkk.  🙂

Okay, last but not least, I also made Honey Bee Cake.

Yes. I did make all three of these in the same week.  In 2 days to be exact.  Yes, I do have a life outside of baking.  No, I do not get enough sleep.  🙂

This pretty little cake was from the afore-posted about cake cookbook.  I love it!  I have already bookmarked three other cakes I want to make.  Maybe I shall try to make one every week!  hehe.  I do love cakes.

P1230701 P1230707











See the super cute rubber spatula?  It was a gift from my coworker.  It pretty much describes my most favorite three things to do.  🙂  Melting butter is always a good sign.  As is including honey in baked goods.


This is the resulting glaze comprised of honey, butter, and brown sugar.  Yes, this beauty will be drizzled all over the cake!











You have to poke holes to help the honey glaze seep in.  Seep in.  SEEP! But no worries, we will cover up these unfortunate looking, but very necessarily, holes with…


ALMONDS!  Toasted almonds.  And then drizzle even more glaze on top!  Bake a few more minutes for the just the right type of crunch…


AMAZING!  I wish I had taken off the springform pan while taking this picture.  Then you could see just how beautiful this cake is.  Oh well.  Next time.  And I also wished I used MORE almonds.  The almond to cake ratio was not to my liking.  But since this cake was so cute and so delicious (my coworkers are also raving about this one!), I think I will end up using twice as many almonds.  Just to be safe.  🙂

Whew.  I am finally done!  This was a really long post.  Took a long time to write it.  Thanks again to the husband for the lovely pictures!  Enjoy! 🙂


Cookies Overload?

So I was slightly ambitious this past holiday season… I wanted to bake cookies for all my coworkers and neighbors.

So ambitious that I baked over 600 cookies within literally 2 days.

So after pounds of butter, cups of flour and sugar, dozens of eggs, bottles of molasses, and ounces of melted chocolate (not to mention teaspoons of spices and whatever else), I succeeded! 🙂

I made Gingerbread Cookies, Bourbon Snaps, Lemon Glazed Christmas Wreaths, Chocolate Freckles Cookies, Peppermint Chocolate Cookies, and Candy Cane Cupcakes and Peppermint Bark (yes.. these two aren’t cookies.)

I don’t think I’ve ever baked this much in such a tight time frame in my life before.  Though.. I do anticipate lots of intense baking this year for a wedding! 😀

Anyhow, like to see my pictures now?

I cannot seem to find pictures of my Peppermint Chocolate Cookies.  😦  They were SO delicious! Ahh.  I must make them again.  But anyway, another very yummy treat is Peppermint Bark.  So easy to make!

I took all of these yummy treats and packaged them as goodies.  It was actually quite scary meeting my neighbors for the first time.  I’ve seen them now and then in the parking lot, but even still.. probably only like 4 or 5 of them.  The few that I managed to meet were very friendly and I hope to see them more often!

Cookies in little bags make me happy.  Though cookies in a cute tin make me happier.  Unfortunately.. packaging can cost way too much.  But little baggies will suffice for now. 🙂

Hurray!  Two posts in one night!  I’m on a roll. 🙂

And fortunately, I am not too overloaded.  Many more cookies to come!

The Holiday Rush is Just Too Much!

Many people have told me I’m crazy.

Especially when it comes to baking.  I would like to disagree… but in all reality, I cannot.  😦

I feel like I get especially crazy during the holiday season.  Being the poor gift giver that I am (gift giving is NOT my love language), I always resort to the baking and delivering of baked goods.  Unfortunately for me.. I tend to get a bit overambitious.  And when I mean.. overambitious.. I mean OVERAMBITIOUS.

Yeah.  I may or may not die this upcoming week.  Whether from lack of sleep, burning myself on hot pans, choking on cocoa powder and fine sifted cake flour, or just sheer craziness.  But oh how fun it is! 🙂

Here is a sneak peek at what (one of the things) I’m up to…

I am behind on posts… so some posts will be out of chronological order. 🙂

But hurray!  Christmas is ALMOST hereeeee! 🙂