Cherries, My New Favorite Fruits!

Hello! Hello!

I am back!  Well… for the time being.  I’m going to try really hard to start posting again.   And come to think of it.. I haven’t baked for a couple months either.   Wow.  That’s probably the longest I’ve ever gone without baking.  Whew.

Anyways,  I digress.

And the reason why cherries are my new favorite fruit?

Well, a couple months ago I got married in a cherry orchard!  hehe.  And then a few weeks later, I returned to that same orchard to pick cherries!  🙂

Picking cherries was super easy and super fun.  You should all try it some time. I think Mr. Angry Baker and I will make it a yearly event.  Wouldn’t it be so cute to bring our kids (in the far far future) to pick yummy cherries at the place where we got married?!  hehe.

So with the very delicious cherries we picked (about 5 lbs worth!), we ate about 2 lbs of it and I used another 2 lbs to make jam!  😀

It was totally easy, but very messy.  I don’t know what I was thinking, but I wore a white shirt.  VERY bad move.  haha.

All the recipe required was sugar, cherries, and lemon juice!  Pitting the cherries was a pain in the butt, because I didn’t have a pitter.  But overall, it took me under 30 minutes to create 1 pint of cherry jams.

Since making this jam, I’ve eaten it over waffles, on pancakes, and as a filling for a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  🙂

If it weren’t so hot in my apartment, I would totally make all sorts of jams.  Peach, apple, blueberry!  But the added heat from the stove (or oven, which is why I’ve been baking less and less) is just too much for me.  haha.  But hopefully when the weather cools down.. I’ll be able to bake some more!

So please, stay tuned!  🙂