Toast for Breakfast, Toast for Lunch, Toast All Day Long!

You know.

I don’t really like breakfast.

Or so I say.. but then I realize I do like pancakes, waffles, omelettes, toast, oatmeal, cereal, hash browns…you get the picture.

But I suppose.. I don’t like EATING it.  At least… not in the morning. 🙂

Which is wonderful that so many places serve breakfast all day long so I can satisfy my cravings when I ACTUALLY want to eat it. 🙂

There are so many marvelous places that serve breakfast all day!

One such place is Toast Bakery Cafe.  🙂

Okay, well.. I didn’t order breakfast foods.. but the day that I do get a hankering for it.. I’ll be sure to hit that place up!

I went with a couple of the girls from the Mag Crew. 🙂  To celebrate Allie’s birthday, extremely belated.

She got Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Bananas.

And the more sensible Emily (mind you, we ate at like 3:30pm) got Thai Chicken Salad.

And since I was SUPER hungry, I got Steak Sandwiches with Sweet Potato Fries.  Yes.  I am a fattie. 😀

Ah. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.  I ate every single bite!  Okay fine.  I shared the fries…unwillingly (haha jk!).

The atmosphere was SO LA.  🙂  Gotta love it.  And the food was pretty yummy.  We didn’t really stick around to check out the inside or the bakery.. but I’m sure it was cute. HAHA.  Perhaps I shall check it out next time I go.  Who wants to go with me? 🙂

Happy belated Allie Fujii! 😀


Traveling the World… One Meal at a Time

I realized that I am a baker and not so much a cook.  I prefer to bake desserts than cook a meal.

In fact, most of the times I go grocery shopping… it’s f0r baking ingredients.  So this brings up the question…what do I eat?!

I mean.. I don’t eat most of my baked goods and I obviously haven’t starved to death yet.  So I must be eating something, right?  Well, minus the rare rare occasions that I get the cooking itch and actually make myself a real meal, I think I survive on eating out! 🙂  But thank goodness I live in LA and there is delicious food ALL around me! hehe.

For example…

BimBimBap from BiBiGo 🙂










Delicious omelettes, pastries & iced coffee from Amandine’s Cafe 🙂





Indonesian food from Ramayani Indonesian Bistro 🙂



















Ethiopian food from Industry Cafe and Jazz 🙂

This is one of the many reasons why I love LA!  Delicious delicious food! 🙂

Though I would much rather eat these delicious meals IN the country of origin.  Maybe one day.  Maybe. 🙂

But on a happier note!  I’ve been baking more and taking pictures so… expect a couple more updates! 😀

Sub-par Weather, but Superb Subs & Sisters! :)

I love alliteration!

But I do not love gloomy weather at the beach. GRR.  But fortunately, there were good food and good company to make it up!

Last Friday, my good friends, Kimmie and Tiff, and I drove to Manhattan Beach for what we had hoped to be a sunny bright day for frolicking in the waves and tanning on the warm sand.  YEAH. No.  Didn’t happen.

It was gloomy and cold and DREADFUL.  What a lame way to start off our Labor Day Weekend.


So while the beach disappointed… the food made it up!  We ate at Sando’s Sub Shop.  It was this hole-in-the-wall place with literally only 5 seats.  But they had the most amazing menu of cold and hot subs and hamburgers and other tasty dishes.  YUM.  🙂

Tiff got the Beefsteak Sub.                         Kimmie got the OFF THE CHART sub.

I got the Screaming Burger (with no cheese, of course) &  Sweet Potato Fries!

And we also got free shades too!  Not that we really needed them.. but a fun souvenir nevertheless! 🙂

Good times, yo. 🙂

I Like My Friends :)

Well… most of the time. keke.

jk. jk.

I love my friends! 🙂  And since I’ve been so very busy with my many many friends this past week, I haven’t found the time to update!  And so to not overwhelm you, I shall make one long post instead of 3 or 4 multiple posts (wait.. that makes sense right?)… err I mean, I’ll just keep it short and simple. 🙂

Got to hang out with my gal pals from back home (half of the Mag Crew) in Riverside because poor Emily usually has to drive alllll the way to PV to play and Allie and I thought we’d be nice and drive there instead.  I don’t know how she does the drive!  We got to eat yummy food, go shopping, and check up and encourage one another.  🙂

Later on this week was the two day celebration of my friend (Jonathan’s) birthday.  Twas a very celebratory packed two days.  On Thursday, we had dinner at Laurel Tavern in Studio City and late night snack at Crave Cafe in Sherman Oaks.  And on Friday, we had more dinner and drinks at Gyenari in Culver City.  And.. dancing and more drinks (hmm… interesting pattern here.  Like the alliteration?) at The Room in Santa Monica.  Quite delicious food, good company, lots of laughs, plenty of grooving, and hopefully in the end, Jonathan felt VERY LOVED!!

So yeah, only got pictures from Laurel Tavern.  The food was pretty dang yummy.  I think I’ll try stopping by there for lunch some time.  🙂

All right.  That’s all I can handle posting now.  I did have fun on Friday too with my friend, Kimmie, when we visited Joni & Friends with my church.  I find it very exciting and cool and awesome that CCAC is going to start a Disabilities Ministry!  (particularly since it goes along with my line of work–working with autistic children) !!  Kimmie and I were supposed to go to the beach.. but we just ended going to Spumoni in Brentwood and grabbing a late lunch before heading out to the rest of Jon’s birthday celebrations in the evening.

Okay okay.  Two more pictures. 🙂

I will have to update soon again.. I have many cute baked goods/desserts to share with you all! 🙂

Summer Days, Summer Craze

I am usually a fan of cooler days.. but when it’s summer I want my sun!  🙂

I’m glad the sun has finally started to show its face earlier and earlier these days.  There is nothing fun about wearing dresses when it’s misting and raining in JULY!  Oh no.

One thing I love/hate about the summer is that there is so much to do and there is so much to do!  Everyone and their mom seems to be out more and normally not-too-crowded areas are jam packed!  Yikes.  But who can blame them?  We live in socal.  Must get out and enjoy the sun! 🙂

Speaking of which, I went to Santa Monica today for brunch with some friends.  We ate at Jack n Jill’s Cafe.  SO CUTE.  I would like to go back some more. 🙂

Pictures from brunch!

But yes…

I suppose the main reason for this post (I am in a bit of a rambling mood…) is to talk about my current summer craze: making with fruit! 🙂  You may have seen some of my past posts with all of my fruit creations…but seriously.  I want to bake with fruit all the time!  😀  I made nectarine galettes, but now I want to make them with plums!  I made blackberry cream pie, but now I want to make citrus or raspberry pies!  I made apple muffins, but now I want to make lemon raspberry cupcakes!  Ah.  So many fruits and pies.. but so so little time. 😦

I think I need to set a goal for myself.  This will sort of contain the craziness and make sure I have enough time to make everything I want to make!  My apartmentment bought me this awesome pie and tart recipe book.  I think my goal will be to steadily bake through it.  I have done a handful of them already and since most of them are fruit pies/tarts, I think that it shall satisfy my cravings to bake with fruit! 🙂

Another goal is to bake more cookies!  I’ve been focusing on tarts and pies and cakes and cupcakes a lot that I’ve neglected the cookie!  I bought this cute cookie recipes book and I haven’t even baked one yet!  SIGH.  If only flour and eggs and butter and all cake ingredients grew on trees.  😦    But yes!  I want to bake lots of cookies and cute treats. hehe.

That’s enough rambling for now… another post to come about my cookies! 🙂

Vacay Dates are the Best pt. 2

Soooooo… I ended up not going to the beach.  I went to 3rd St instead and proceeded to buy way too many clothes because there were way too many sales.  NO MORE AFTER THIS, I SWEAR! UGH. 🙂

But anywhos, I did go to my ultimate fave spot in Santa Monica: HUCKLEBERRY!  I wasn’t in too hungry of a mood so I just got cumin roasted carrots and avocados and a chocolate truffle pudding. 🙂  Oh, and a cup of drip coffee, of course.

Delicious. 🙂

After getting home and finally going running (I haven’t felt this sore in so long. 😦 ), I started baking!  YUM.

Chocolate florentines (which you may remember from a few posts back) and my ultimate fave GINGER COOKIES!

I’m not going to finish the chocolate florentines (and I’m going to try using Nutella this time!) until I get to Horizon Retreat, so I can sleep at a decent hour tonight. haha.  But the ginger cookies are all done! 😀  I love how good they smell.  AH.

Ah.  I suppose I should share the Ginger Cookie recipe with you… I substitute butter for the margarine. 🙂  And I like to add more spices.. but I like my food to be extra flavorful. hehe.  I also roll my cookies in vanilla sugar, but normal sugar works great too.  To get the perfect round-ness, then you MUST use the bottom of a cup to flatten the cookies before you bake them.  I always like to take them out a couple minutes earlier than the recipe tells you, because then they’d be extra soft. 🙂

Yum.  Yum.

Overall, today was a pretty awesome day! 🙂

I shall be sure to post about Horizon Retreat after this weekend!  HOW EXCITING!   It’s going to be beautiful in Santa Barbara; we’re staying in a lovely beach house! 🙂

Hurray for Food and Friends!

Oh my.  It feels like I haven’t blogged for so long!  But this past weekend/week has been very crazy with lots of eating and friending and baking, so expect lotsa pictures! 🙂

On Saturday night, I got together with my Mag Crew girls.  (They’ve been pestering me to update about them. Geez.) We went to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach.  I sure do love fried chicken and waffles! 😀

Here.  You can meet them! 🙂

Whitney.  The strange but lovely one. 🙂

Allie. The small but sassy one.  Em.  The bestie.

Kari.  The emo wild one.

Dark meat with waffles and maple syrup?  DELISH.

Macaroni and candied yams. I love sides.

All in all a pretty typical wild night.  haha jk.  It was good. Good food and good company and good conversation.  I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in quite some time. 🙂  I’m a huge fan of belly-aching good laughter!  Yay!

Then on Sunday after church I went to The Boiling Crab in Rowland Heights.  I’ve been wanting to go to this place for quite some time.  Eating with my hands is definitely something I am not ashamed to do.  🙂  And I do often crave seafood, so this was perfect.  More pictures, shall we?

Super excited is Alex.

As is Kimmie.

The ridiculous water that they charged me 25 cents for because it’s in a take-out cup.  REALLY NOW?!

Because honestly… who can resist sweet potato fries?!

Fried oysters anyone?

Yummy shrimp!  I was kinda lazy to peel the shrimp… so I ate them whole. HAHA.

We did get another things… clams…dungeness crab…more fried stuff and fries.. but my hands were super greasy so I couldn’t take pictures.  Sad. Oh well.  All in all twas a good experience.  A tad overrated, in my opinion, but who doesn’t love eating spicy seafood with their hands?!

Oh how I love food!  I still need to try out the local cafes and restaurants in my area… hmm.. more food updates to come! 🙂