Toast for Breakfast, Toast for Lunch, Toast All Day Long!

You know.

I don’t really like breakfast.

Or so I say.. but then I realize I do like pancakes, waffles, omelettes, toast, oatmeal, cereal, hash browns…you get the picture.

But I suppose.. I don’t like EATING it.  At least… not in the morning. 🙂

Which is wonderful that so many places serve breakfast all day long so I can satisfy my cravings when I ACTUALLY want to eat it. 🙂

There are so many marvelous places that serve breakfast all day!

One such place is Toast Bakery Cafe.  🙂

Okay, well.. I didn’t order breakfast foods.. but the day that I do get a hankering for it.. I’ll be sure to hit that place up!

I went with a couple of the girls from the Mag Crew. 🙂  To celebrate Allie’s birthday, extremely belated.

She got Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Bananas.

And the more sensible Emily (mind you, we ate at like 3:30pm) got Thai Chicken Salad.

And since I was SUPER hungry, I got Steak Sandwiches with Sweet Potato Fries.  Yes.  I am a fattie. 😀

Ah. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.  I ate every single bite!  Okay fine.  I shared the fries…unwillingly (haha jk!).

The atmosphere was SO LA.  🙂  Gotta love it.  And the food was pretty yummy.  We didn’t really stick around to check out the inside or the bakery.. but I’m sure it was cute. HAHA.  Perhaps I shall check it out next time I go.  Who wants to go with me? 🙂

Happy belated Allie Fujii! 😀


Sub-par Weather, but Superb Subs & Sisters! :)

I love alliteration!

But I do not love gloomy weather at the beach. GRR.  But fortunately, there were good food and good company to make it up!

Last Friday, my good friends, Kimmie and Tiff, and I drove to Manhattan Beach for what we had hoped to be a sunny bright day for frolicking in the waves and tanning on the warm sand.  YEAH. No.  Didn’t happen.

It was gloomy and cold and DREADFUL.  What a lame way to start off our Labor Day Weekend.


So while the beach disappointed… the food made it up!  We ate at Sando’s Sub Shop.  It was this hole-in-the-wall place with literally only 5 seats.  But they had the most amazing menu of cold and hot subs and hamburgers and other tasty dishes.  YUM.  🙂

Tiff got the Beefsteak Sub.                         Kimmie got the OFF THE CHART sub.

I got the Screaming Burger (with no cheese, of course) &  Sweet Potato Fries!

And we also got free shades too!  Not that we really needed them.. but a fun souvenir nevertheless! 🙂

Good times, yo. 🙂

I’m Singing in the Rain!

Okay well.  Not literally.  Or figuratively.. for that matter!

But I did get to sing with fellow Broadway lovers this past Friday in downtown LA!  🙂

I have to say twas a lovely experience to sing the classics with over 200 random strangers and not care if we looked or sounded silly/off-key!  I definitely enjoyed the intimate setting (small outdoor amphitheater) and the charisma of the singers and musicians who led!  I hope to make it out again next summer! 🙂

And of course.  I love my dear girl friends who invited me to this awesome event!  We came prepared and had a little picnic while waiting in line.  🙂  Then we had a girls’ sleepover afterward and had delicious German Pancakes for breakfast!

It was quite a spontaneous sequence of events, but definitely one of my highlights from this summer! 🙂

Road to Seoul.. or to my tummy!

I know this might sound surprising to some… but I used to be an avid carnivore.  (Remember my post on the meat cake?)  The thought of living without meat was such a crazy/insane/impossible idea.  But sadly.. the day has come when meat is just an occasional necessity.  I think sometimes I go for almost a whole week without meat.  Crazy, huh?!

BUT.  I do love korean bbq. 🙂  Well minus.. smelling like burnt meat after.  I especially love the korean side dishes. Yum yum. 🙂

A group of friends and I went to Road to Seoul on Friday night. 🙂  Twas yummy, but kinda sad how much my tummy shrank.  I can’t believe that only a few years ago.. I was able to eat a 2lb manwich. 😦

But enough rambling… picture time!  No drooling, please! 🙂

Twas a very delicious meal.. though I did NOT enjoy smelling like smoke and meat afterwards.  Sigh.  And I think I ate more that night than I did the past couple days. HAHA.  So either.. I ate like a monster at Korean BBQ or I eat like a tiny mouse every other day…. and I probably ate more meat than I have eaten in the past 2 weeks. HAHA.

But my tummy was quite satisfied and I will eagerly await the next time! 🙂

I Like My Friends :)

Well… most of the time. keke.

jk. jk.

I love my friends! 🙂  And since I’ve been so very busy with my many many friends this past week, I haven’t found the time to update!  And so to not overwhelm you, I shall make one long post instead of 3 or 4 multiple posts (wait.. that makes sense right?)… err I mean, I’ll just keep it short and simple. 🙂

Got to hang out with my gal pals from back home (half of the Mag Crew) in Riverside because poor Emily usually has to drive alllll the way to PV to play and Allie and I thought we’d be nice and drive there instead.  I don’t know how she does the drive!  We got to eat yummy food, go shopping, and check up and encourage one another.  🙂

Later on this week was the two day celebration of my friend (Jonathan’s) birthday.  Twas a very celebratory packed two days.  On Thursday, we had dinner at Laurel Tavern in Studio City and late night snack at Crave Cafe in Sherman Oaks.  And on Friday, we had more dinner and drinks at Gyenari in Culver City.  And.. dancing and more drinks (hmm… interesting pattern here.  Like the alliteration?) at The Room in Santa Monica.  Quite delicious food, good company, lots of laughs, plenty of grooving, and hopefully in the end, Jonathan felt VERY LOVED!!

So yeah, only got pictures from Laurel Tavern.  The food was pretty dang yummy.  I think I’ll try stopping by there for lunch some time.  🙂

All right.  That’s all I can handle posting now.  I did have fun on Friday too with my friend, Kimmie, when we visited Joni & Friends with my church.  I find it very exciting and cool and awesome that CCAC is going to start a Disabilities Ministry!  (particularly since it goes along with my line of work–working with autistic children) !!  Kimmie and I were supposed to go to the beach.. but we just ended going to Spumoni in Brentwood and grabbing a late lunch before heading out to the rest of Jon’s birthday celebrations in the evening.

Okay okay.  Two more pictures. 🙂

I will have to update soon again.. I have many cute baked goods/desserts to share with you all! 🙂

Meat + Baking = INSPIRATION

My good friend (Kari), who is leaving for Japan in a week to teach English, had a fun farewell/send off party.  And I must say… good times indeed with good food, good friends, and good conversations! 🙂

But what was most amazing was what her brother (Ryan) created… MEAT CAKE.

Before I go into detail of what a MEAT CAKE is.. I must tell you.. this is NOT for the faint of heart and weak of stomach.  This was created by a guy who LOVES meat.  And I mean.. LOVES LOVES meat and grease and everything manly.  He used to create MANWICHES… which were basically 1 to 2lb hamburgers smothered in chili and must be eaten with bare hands.  I have to say.. I was one of those strong of heart and stomachs that managed to put away a 2lb MANWICH.  (Yeah.  I used to be pretty disgusting too.)

Anywhos… he created this MEAT CAKE in honor of his sister Kari.  And I have to say.. I was SERIOUSLY inspired.  I don’t really cook with meat much these days (I think eggs are my main source of protein now), but I SO SO SO want to make this!

May I introduce you to the awesomeness that is the MEAT CAKE?!

Yes.  It is made of meat and more meat and mashed potatoes and a sprinkling of veggies. 🙂  It’s like a fancy schmancy meatloaf… for lack of better terms.

Ready for the play by play?  😀

Step 1: Lean beef & apple chicken sausages in a cake pan.  Baked until cooked.

Step 2:  Bacon wrapped filet mignon. Seared and cooked to perfection.

Step 3: Bacon and shrimp skewers grilled to perfection.

Step 4:  Prepare garnishes as meat cools.

Step 5:  Cut and prepare meat layers for “frosting”.

Step 6:  Prepare mashed potato “frosting”.

Step 7: FROST.

Step 8: Frost some moreeeee.

Step 9: Garnish with veggies.

Step 10:  Stack bacon wrapped filet mignon and stick in shrimp and bacon skewers and garnish with orange peel/green onion strips.

Step 11:  Finish garnishing with tomatoes and whatever else you want!

Isn’t it beautiful?! AH! I want to make one sooooooo bad now. 🙂

But yes.  I shall be quite sad to see Kari go. 😦  But a year in Japan will be quite an exciting adventure for her! 😀 Hurray!  I wish you the best Kari, dear!

4/5ths of the Mag Crew: Me, Allie, Kari, Emily. 🙂

Anyone up for a MEAT CAKE one of these days? 🙂

Cookies and Prayers

I just want to say that I love it when I am so motivated and I start working on my goals immediately!  Before/during/after my last post, (I generally take several hours to write a new post), I was busy baking cookies!  Well.. I technically baked the chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles the night before.. but whatever. 🙂  Last night, I made 6 batches of sugar cookie dough for my sugar cookie decorating workshop at church today! 🙂  But I shall post about that in a couple of days… and how much fun it was!

I made the chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles for encouragement packages (well, more like sugary cookie packages) as a present/encouragement for the team my church sent to Ensenada, Mexico for short-term missions.  They left this morning and who wouldn’t like to eat delicious cookies on a 5 hour drive down to Mexico?  🙂  I also made them encouragement cards, because they have such beautiful feet! (Romans 10:14-15)

The team will be gone for about a week serving the local churches in Ensenada.  They may be doing VBS, construction, and whatever else is needed.  🙂  Our church has partnered with AIL (Adventures in Life) , which is a group that is dear to my heart.  AIL has been faithfully serving in Mexico for many years now–working to strengthen and build up the local churches.  🙂

If you could, please take a moment to pray for the team!  Pray for traveling mercies, safety, and flexibility.  Also pray that language and cultural barriers won’t be a problem and that the love of Christ may be pouring out of them through their words and actions.  Lastly, pray for team unity and undivided focus.  May they keep their eyes fixed on Christ as they serve the people of Ensenada and each other as well.   Thanks so much! 🙂

And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.       ~ Luke 10:2