Cake Pops Cake Pops Everywhere!

Ah yes.  The craze has finally reached me.  Since Bakerella released her cake pops book, I fear such an insane mania has swept the nation.   People from all over (even Starbucks!) have fallen victim to this cute bite-sized cake on a stick.  How is it different from a cake ball, you may ask?  Nothing.  Except it’s on a stick.  Simple.. and yet it seems to add a whole new dimension of cuteness and consumer demand.

I have had one experience making cake balls.  I came out of that experience with a couple of thoughts, but one main thought was… this is a lot of work for something so small.  haha.  But it’s interesting how it seems to blow the minds of those who don’t bake…I’ve gotten plenty of questions from people on how to make this little suckers.  Pretty funny ideas too.  🙂

But the main point of this post was to share about my (insane) experience to make 300 cake pops as wedding favors for Carrie, my old roommate.  I foolishly thought that I would make 2 cake pops per person.  But after hearing that the guest list was about 300 people… I quickly scratched that idea, because making 600 cake pops would make anybody go crazy.  Especially me…. and possibly even a little bit angry.  So, I decided to just go with one per guest, alternating between green and pink (which were her wedding colors).  🙂

To put it simply… I may did go a liiiiitle bit crazy, but I was so happy that everything came out wonderfully.  The packaging of the cake pops took me a VERY long time, but they came out so cute!  I guess it made all the long hours of work worth it.  haha.  🙂  And besides, they made Carrie happy.. so it’s win win for everyone!  yay!

I made chocolate and red velvet cake pops!  And as you can see…I had many casualties along the way.  Sad.  They could not be saved.  😦

Isn’t the packaging super cute?  🙂

I also made special cake pops for the wedding party!

So pretty right?  But Bakerella’s are still prettier.  Sigh.

Anywho, the wedding was wonderful and beautiful and fun!  And lots of people actually really liked the cake pops… so that made me very very happy!  🙂

Congrats again to Carrie & Mike Saechang!  😀

“Healthy” Sushi, Anyone?

I know.  What can be healthier than fish on rice?  (And no.  Those nasty rolls with cream cheese are not my idea of “healthy”.)

Sushi… made with BROWN RICE?!

Yes.  I mean, no.  I am not one of those health freaks who is constantly jumping on every single new “superfood” trend that comes about.  I have heard enough about soybeans, acai, quinoa, and pomegranates!  Brown rice though.  Hm.  I used to purple rice… sooooo I guess I’m okay with my rice being brown.  🙂

But sushi with brown rice?!  I was instantly intrigued when I happened upon Shikibu while Yelping (yes, I made it a verb!).   This tiny sushi bar (and when I mean tiny… I mean TINY) was less than 5 minutes from my apartment too!   I think there was only space for about 5 people inside and maybe 4 out on the “patio”. But despite the cramped conditions, the food was delicious!  🙂  And I felt so healthy eating it too.  😛

My friend Wendy Shaun and I ordered a Tiger Roll, Salmon Roll, and Crispy Brown Rice with Spicy Tuna.  😀  YUM.

I thoroughly enjoyed this meal.  🙂  I can’t wait to go back.  Considering that it was decently priced and less than a mile from my apartment…it’s definitely a keeper! 😀

Delightful Treats in the City

As some of you may know, I took a trip up to norcal yet again.  I know.   Again.  Third time this year.  haha.  Don’t worry.  Not falling in love with the bay.  No way!

LA is still THE best place to be!  🙂

Anyhow, I was there visiting the Vo’s and other friends and experiencing some delightful treats in the city of SF.  I will admit–SF is fun.  But everywhere else… yeah… BORINGVILLE.  🙂

A few  fun places I went to are Paulette Macaron, Miette Confiserie, Philz Coffee, Ferry Building, and Blue Bottle Coffee Co. (which also happened to be in the Ferry Building).  🙂

Though I am not a huge macaron fan, these cuties were quite tasty.  🙂  And the colors were quite gorgeous.  Apparently, there is also a Paulette Macarons shop down in Beverly too.  We got four different flavors:  Earl Grey, Carribbean Chocolate, Lemon, and Columbian Coffee.  🙂

Aren’t they so pretty?!  🙂  And mighty tasty too!  hehe.

Though… I didn’t take any pictures at Miette Confeserie… I LOVED IT!  It’s a bakery/candy store.  Oh man.  So many cute Easter stuff.  Their cakes were SO  precious!  Gave me a few ideas for some future cakes.  🙂  Also, they have a macaron “happy hour”  when you can get $1 macarons!  Score!

Next, we hit up Philz Coffee.  I used to be sucha Starbucks addict (I do own a Gold Card… yeah)… but no more.  Philz has ruined me.  I don’t want to be a coffee snob, but nothing is as delicious as my own freshly ground and brewed coffee.  Mmm.  Yes.  I do love good coffee.  🙂  I think every time I go to norcal… I’ve managed to visit a different Philz.  Once in Berkeley, once in Palo Alto, and once in SF.  I shall try to visit them all!  haha.

Speaking of which!  We also hit up Blue Bottle Coffee Co. in the Ferry Building.  A nice hot latte with a caramelized belgium waffle for breakfast?  YES PLEASE!  Though I’m not really a breakfast person… I’d gladly eat this every morning!  🙂


We did some light grocery shopping while at the Ferry Building, which included picking up some Acme bread rolls!  Yum yum.   I love the smell of freshly baked bread!  🙂

Next we had lunch with Jarrod at Jack’s Prime.  Yes yes, this restaurant was not in the city, but oh well.  I’m going to lump it all together. haha.  Let me know tell you… this place has GOOD burgers.  Yummity yum yum!  But my most favorite part was the… FRIED PICKLES!  😀

Don’t those burgers look SO amazing?!  😀

I also ended up cooking for my dear friends, John and Kristen Vo.  🙂  I know… she cooks?!  haha.  I actually don’t like cooking for myself, but I really enjoy hosting dinner for friends!  🙂

Rosemary pork with roasted asparagus and potatoes and bread roll! 🙂

And of course, I baked for this trip too.  😛


These are oldies, but goodies!  hehehehe.  Molasses Spice Cookies with Orange Sugar (which, apparently.. I forgot to post about it before… but I will in the future!) and Lemon Poppyseed Muffins!

Overall, I do have to say… it was quite a delightful trip!  🙂

Fritto Misto is Italian for Good Times!

Okay, not quite.  More like “fried seafood”.  I think, or so someone told me. hahaha.

But this cute little place is delicious and the perfect setting for a fun night with friends.  🙂

Fritto Misto:  assortment of fried deliciousness

Fried Pasta Pillows and Atomic Pasta!

Italian Sausage Linguini & Sausage Lasagna

Cajun Chicken Breast Fettuccine & Stuffed Chicken Breast Linguini

Tira Misu “For Two”

(A very misleading name….this thing was HUGE.  The six of us couldn’t finish it. haha)

Twas a very delicious and satisfying meal.  Lots of laughing and good times all around.  Plus, delicious leftovers the next day.  🙂

I definitely shall be returning to Fritto Misto!  😀

Napa: The One Part of Norcal I Like

Yes.  Napa is quite lovely.  It is beautiful with its rolling hills and picturesque towns and numerous greenery.  🙂  Let’s not forget, the good food and good wine!  🙂

I went to Napa quite awhiles back with my good friend Kristin.  🙂  Even though I was deathly ill (sorry about that Kristin), I still had a wonderful time!  It was one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve ever had.  Lots of wine tasting, lots of eating, and lots of sleeping.  🙂

Our first stop was Chateau Montelena.  Fancy schmancy.  Isn’t this building pretty?  Too bad it’s a facade. hahaha.

There was this random Jade Garden at the Chateau too.  haha.  Apparently, you can reserve private dining in one of the little terrace/pagoda things. hahaha.

Next we went to the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) at what used to be a beautiful old vineyard called Greystone.  🙂  Delicious food.  Yes!

The kitchen was very exciting.  Hustling and bustling right in the middle of the eating area.  I know I’d be unnerved having so many eyes on me.. but then again, these peoples are professionals. haha.

We went to a couple other vineyards, but I didn’t take any pictures.  However, the coolest one we went to was definitely Raymond.  🙂

They also had this giant frame in front of this “throne” for people to take pictures.  haha.  And inside the room where they keep all the vats, they host parties and other interesting events.  Yes.. quite interesting. hahaha.

Kristin and I also went to this fancy restaurant called Brix.  It was amazing!  Ididn’t take pictures because I felt awkward doing so.  Not to mention, Kristin and I were by far the youngest people in that restaurant.  Didn’t want to attract more attention than we had to, considering I was already coughing up half my lungs.  🙂

Ah yes.  I love Napa.  It’s a fun place to go with friends or significant others!  🙂  There are also many other fun things to do like horseback riding, going up in hot air balloons, hiking, shopping, and more!  🙂  Maybe I should take the time to do those the next time I go up to Napa.  😀

The One Day I Shouldn’t Have to Bake a Cake…

Well, one of two days.  One being my wedding day (God willing) and the other being my BIRTHDAY!  🙂

So ironically enough.. I didn’t even get cake on my birthday.  But it’s all good.  Sometimes I really don’t have a sweet tooth and considering how much delicious food I consumed… my poor tummy really didn’t have any room.

I actually ate so much for my birthday that.. I didn’t eat at all the entire next day.  Sick, right?  hahaha.

My birthday festivities actually started the day before brunch with Ms. Kimmie Mark.  We went to Le Petit Jardin.  A cute little restaurant/flower shop.

I got a Spicy Chicken Sandwich with Frites.

Kimmie got Eggs Florentine with Roasted Potatoes.

The next day I went to King’s Road Cafe with Kristin.  It’s such a delicious and cute place right on Ventura.  I’ve passed by it so many times on the way to and back from work, so I was super excited to finally try it!

Doesn’t it look delicious?!  Blackened Ahi Tuna with Grilled Veggies and Mashed Sweet Potatoes.

Kristin got Crab Cake Salad.  It was huge and delicious!

Last but not least, I had dinner with my apartment girls! 🙂  We went to TART.  I LOVE IT. Tart is SO CUTE.  🙂  I also passed by this often driving home from work.  It’s right across the street from the Grove on Fairfax.  Ah.  It is everything I love.  Cute decorations.  Outdoor seating available.  Rustic.  Southern food.  Need I say more?!



All in all.  It was awonderful birthday!  I can’t believe I’m 24. YIKES.

But another year of adventures and failures and blessings and sorrows.  A year of more baking and probably less sleeping and more learning and lots of playing and good times all in all. 🙂

Thanks everyone who made my birthday so special! 🙂


This Little Piggie…

I really should stop eating out so much.

Really should.

But… how can I resist?!


Here are just a few of the places I’ve been this past fall.  YUM.

Amandine Cafe with Tina Chen. (I went again, yes.)

Ord Noodles with Mary, Dennis & Jerry. (VERY SPICY!)

Aroma Cafe with the roomie, Liz Low. (The one on Tujunga. SO GOOD!)

LUNCH with Kimmie Mark. (Delicious sandwiches that are perfect for.. LUNCH!)

Isaac Toast with Jen Chien. (Spicy Bulgogi in a sandwich. AMAZING.)

[Excuse the bad quality.. I thought I left my camera at home, so I used my phone camera.  But then later.. I realized I actually had my camera.  BOO. 😦 ]

Last but not least… The Oinkster with Mr. Joshua Wong. (Amazing pastrami!)

Ah yes.  I forget sometimes how much I love food.  Today a kid at school asked me what my favorite food was… and I answered, “PIZZA!” immediately.  But then I said, ” I love sushi too.  And fried rice.  Well… I like most Chinese food.  And Thai food.  Ohhh and Mexican food… steak…”

You get the idea.  🙂  And I highly recommend you check ALL these places out!  😀  And.. bring me along too.

Weeee weeee!

Toast for Breakfast, Toast for Lunch, Toast All Day Long!

You know.

I don’t really like breakfast.

Or so I say.. but then I realize I do like pancakes, waffles, omelettes, toast, oatmeal, cereal, hash browns…you get the picture.

But I suppose.. I don’t like EATING it.  At least… not in the morning. 🙂

Which is wonderful that so many places serve breakfast all day long so I can satisfy my cravings when I ACTUALLY want to eat it. 🙂

There are so many marvelous places that serve breakfast all day!

One such place is Toast Bakery Cafe.  🙂

Okay, well.. I didn’t order breakfast foods.. but the day that I do get a hankering for it.. I’ll be sure to hit that place up!

I went with a couple of the girls from the Mag Crew. 🙂  To celebrate Allie’s birthday, extremely belated.

She got Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Bananas.

And the more sensible Emily (mind you, we ate at like 3:30pm) got Thai Chicken Salad.

And since I was SUPER hungry, I got Steak Sandwiches with Sweet Potato Fries.  Yes.  I am a fattie. 😀

Ah. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.  I ate every single bite!  Okay fine.  I shared the fries…unwillingly (haha jk!).

The atmosphere was SO LA.  🙂  Gotta love it.  And the food was pretty yummy.  We didn’t really stick around to check out the inside or the bakery.. but I’m sure it was cute. HAHA.  Perhaps I shall check it out next time I go.  Who wants to go with me? 🙂

Happy belated Allie Fujii! 😀

Sub-par Weather, but Superb Subs & Sisters! :)

I love alliteration!

But I do not love gloomy weather at the beach. GRR.  But fortunately, there were good food and good company to make it up!

Last Friday, my good friends, Kimmie and Tiff, and I drove to Manhattan Beach for what we had hoped to be a sunny bright day for frolicking in the waves and tanning on the warm sand.  YEAH. No.  Didn’t happen.

It was gloomy and cold and DREADFUL.  What a lame way to start off our Labor Day Weekend.


So while the beach disappointed… the food made it up!  We ate at Sando’s Sub Shop.  It was this hole-in-the-wall place with literally only 5 seats.  But they had the most amazing menu of cold and hot subs and hamburgers and other tasty dishes.  YUM.  🙂

Tiff got the Beefsteak Sub.                         Kimmie got the OFF THE CHART sub.

I got the Screaming Burger (with no cheese, of course) &  Sweet Potato Fries!

And we also got free shades too!  Not that we really needed them.. but a fun souvenir nevertheless! 🙂

Good times, yo. 🙂

I’m Singing in the Rain!

Okay well.  Not literally.  Or figuratively.. for that matter!

But I did get to sing with fellow Broadway lovers this past Friday in downtown LA!  🙂

I have to say twas a lovely experience to sing the classics with over 200 random strangers and not care if we looked or sounded silly/off-key!  I definitely enjoyed the intimate setting (small outdoor amphitheater) and the charisma of the singers and musicians who led!  I hope to make it out again next summer! 🙂

And of course.  I love my dear girl friends who invited me to this awesome event!  We came prepared and had a little picnic while waiting in line.  🙂  Then we had a girls’ sleepover afterward and had delicious German Pancakes for breakfast!

It was quite a spontaneous sequence of events, but definitely one of my highlights from this summer! 🙂