all about val

There are only a few things people REALLY need to know about me.

1.  I LOVE to bake.  I’m not the best, but there’s something very soothing and satisfying about creating something delicious out of simple ingredients that I love!

2.  I LOVE to share my baked goods  I don’t really like eating my baked goods, so I love being able to give them away to anyone!  Friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, anyone who’ll take them!  It’s just one of the many ways to spread the love!  Nothing makes me happier than seeing those waistbands expand! (jk!)

3. I LOVE to express myself in words, written or verbally.  I may, on occasion, randomly rant or rave,  so please excuse the times when I can’t help but share my feelings and thoughts!  I’m not really an ANGRY person, but I do get riled up (or excited!) very easily.  🙂

There are actually a lot of other things I love… God, my husband, New Life Woodland Hills, UCLA, guinea pigs,  flowers, dresses, art, children, etc., to name a few.  I will be mainly writing about baking and cooking and my adventures/frustations, but I will definitely be writing about many other things, so try to follow along! 🙂


3 thoughts on “all about val

  1. Cindy says:

    I LOVE the look of this website, the graphics are gorgeous! How did you design it? Or on what app? And you are a FABULOUS baker, angry or not. Hey, it’s a catchy title!

  2. Abby says:

    I just discovered your blog and started drooling over all your delicious treats!!! When’s the next CCAC event that you’re baking for? We want to be there!!! Hee hee. =)

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