Give Me S’More Brownies, Please!

Those are the words I long to hear.  People asking for more and thereby relieving me from having to deal with leftovers!  The husband claims that he likes to eat my desserts…but more often than naught, they are left to rot in the fridge and on the dining table.

But thankfully, these brownies were somewhat of a hit.  Only left with 1/3 of a pan out of the original 2 full 9×13 pans.  I suppose that’s as good as it gets when I’m dealing with health-conscious (well, somewhat) co-workers and friends and the like.  I tell myself not to bake so much… but then again I don’t ever listen to anyone.  🙂

These brownies are chock full of CHOCOLATE.  Yes.  Lots and lots of chocolate, oh and butter.  And some sugar.  Yes yes.  And gingersnap cookies (I didn’t have any graham crackers, but everyone knows that gingersnap cookies are better anyhow).  And topped with lots of delectable mini marshmallows.  Delicious!





Apparently, there is a cult-like love for brownie edges.  But lemme tell you something.  These brownies, you need to get at the very center of the whole pan.  Because in the middle, my friends, is where you find the most fudgy decadent chocolatey brownies.  Yup.  Moist and dense.  You seriously need a glass of milk to get a giant mouthful down.  Well, unless you are ladylike and take little nibbles.  With bursts of sharp ginger and the softness of  marshmallows to round it all off.  🙂


I’m not a huge fan of brownies, but I would ask for s’more of these! (Yeah yeah.  The husband’s punny-ness is rubbing off on me!)


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