Let’s Try This Again…

Hello my friends!

I am quite ashamed that I haven’t blogged in half a year!  My bad!  I didn’t think I’d be so dang busy.  haha.  And to tell you the truth.. though I still bake at least once a week.. my new love is COOKING!

GASP!   I know, right?!  How could I?!  But it is what it is.

Now that I actually have someone to cook for (my VERY lucky husband), my first thoughts tend to drift to new and exciting ways to cook chicken and mussels and vegetables and stews and pork chops!  YUM.  My mind is drooling right now… just thinking about it.  Having perfected my fried chicken recipe, I am moving onto cooking more seafood.  Mussels, clams, fish, and the like.

But, as much as I love cooking.. my baking pantry is still well-stocked and overflowing, to be honest.  I still get excited when I see new recipes on my favorite blogs and now that I’ve got TWO new baking cookbooks… I expect many new baked goods to come out of my trusty oven.  And since it’s quite cold in my apartment, baking will not be such a horrifying experience as it was over the summer… SHUDDER.

But yes!  As my reentry into the blogging world.. let me regale you with some of the deliciousness we have made in the past several months!  🙂


These are only but a few of the many yummy things I’ve made.  And as much as I’d like to claim credit for these beautiful photos… they really go to the husband.  Aren’t they such beautiful shots?!  Hopefully he will contribute more in the future.  hehe.  Here’s to hoping that I shall be more consistent in the new year!

Enjoy and Happy New Year!  🙂


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