Cute (and Delicious) Ways to Stay Cool

Remember when I was complaining how awful it is to bake in the valley?


I have found a delicious (and non-miserable) way to create yummy treats without melting to death.  🙂  Not to mention, they make me incredibly nostalgic.  Just like watching Mighty Morphing Power Rangers… blast from the past!

You know what I’m talking about, right?  Two cool (and I mean it literally) desserts that we have all enjoyed as children: JELLO & POPSICLES!  🙂

Shattered Glass Jello Bundt Cake and Fruit Popsicles have been my new favorite snacks to stay cool in this horrendous heat.  🙂

Care to see more?  Wait?  What am I talking about?! Of course you do!

Shattered Glass Jello Bundt Cake.  Now, what exactly is that?  See below!

I love that you can use any container really to make Jello.  My handy dandy Pyrex containers.  My super cute Aladdin tupperwares.

Did I mention that I made this treat for a 4th of July BBQ?  Explains the red, white, and blue.   White?  Not white jello.  Something even better!  Condensed milk!  😀

Next, I cubed up the strawberry and blue raspberry jello.  Tossed them into a bundt pan and poured in all that condensed milk goodness!

Let it set overnight.  Then had this beautiful treat after some hamburgers and corn-on-the-cob!  🙂


I also made some 5 layer jello too.  Used the same flavors + condensed milk goodness.  Took a little more time than the bundt cake, but equally delicious!

Sorry it’s a bit blurry.  Was too involved in a game of Taboo to notice the poor picture quality!

You know.  I was going to post about my fruit popsicles… but I might leave that for next time.  🙂  And since I’m making it such a priority to stay on top of my blogging, I assure you that it will be up soon!

In the meantime, stay cool, my friends.  Make some jello!  Eat some jello!  🙂


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