Cake Pops Cake Pops Everywhere!

Ah yes.  The craze has finally reached me.  Since Bakerella released her cake pops book, I fear such an insane mania has swept the nation.   People from all over (even Starbucks!) have fallen victim to this cute bite-sized cake on a stick.  How is it different from a cake ball, you may ask?  Nothing.  Except it’s on a stick.  Simple.. and yet it seems to add a whole new dimension of cuteness and consumer demand.

I have had one experience making cake balls.  I came out of that experience with a couple of thoughts, but one main thought was… this is a lot of work for something so small.  haha.  But it’s interesting how it seems to blow the minds of those who don’t bake…I’ve gotten plenty of questions from people on how to make this little suckers.  Pretty funny ideas too.  🙂

But the main point of this post was to share about my (insane) experience to make 300 cake pops as wedding favors for Carrie, my old roommate.  I foolishly thought that I would make 2 cake pops per person.  But after hearing that the guest list was about 300 people… I quickly scratched that idea, because making 600 cake pops would make anybody go crazy.  Especially me…. and possibly even a little bit angry.  So, I decided to just go with one per guest, alternating between green and pink (which were her wedding colors).  🙂

To put it simply… I may did go a liiiiitle bit crazy, but I was so happy that everything came out wonderfully.  The packaging of the cake pops took me a VERY long time, but they came out so cute!  I guess it made all the long hours of work worth it.  haha.  🙂  And besides, they made Carrie happy.. so it’s win win for everyone!  yay!

I made chocolate and red velvet cake pops!  And as you can see…I had many casualties along the way.  Sad.  They could not be saved.  😦

Isn’t the packaging super cute?  🙂

I also made special cake pops for the wedding party!

So pretty right?  But Bakerella’s are still prettier.  Sigh.

Anywho, the wedding was wonderful and beautiful and fun!  And lots of people actually really liked the cake pops… so that made me very very happy!  🙂

Congrats again to Carrie & Mike Saechang!  😀


3 thoughts on “Cake Pops Cake Pops Everywhere!

  1. Hi, these look fantastic you did such a great job! I’ve just been asked to make at least 300 cake pops and I have no idea how long it will take me, I was just wondering- from start to finish how long did it take you? Your help will make such a difference in working out timings!

    • hi there! thanks! honestly… it took me 3 days. haha. i baked the cakes on wed night and thurs morning. then i rolled and chilled and stuck in the sticks for the all of thursday. and started dipping thursday night and friday afternoon/night. i don’t know how you plan on packaging them.. but it takes a really long time. i made tags and tied them with ribbons and just that took me almost 3 hours. so plan accordingly! i also messed up more than i thought i would, so i had to bake a couple more batches during friday and roll those too. i had some help from friends to package and such, which probably saved me an hour or so.

      i hope this helps! good luck! 🙂

      • Thanks so much! That does really help to give me an idea of how long to set aside but it also scares me a lot! They will be on a huge cake pop stand/display, so at least I don’t have to worry about packaging- that sounds insane. But they will be dipped in real chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder, so much work… Thanks for taking the time to reply and maybe I’ll share the photos with you when I’m finished if you’re interested?

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