A Sweet Heart Cake for Sweethearts!

Remember this beautiful cake?  🙂

Well, I am proud to say that I have now made TWO of them!  One for a bridal shower and one for a wedding!  🙂

The second cake I made with a strawberry cake filling (with real strawberries!)  It was definitely super cute with a pink heart.  🙂  It didn’t take me as long as the first time to make this cake, but there were still moments of tension and suspense!  Especially when I was stacking the layers and transporting the cake.  Then I was greatly perplexed as to why the cake seemed WAY bigger than the last one… but I thought maybe I was just seeing things (due to lack of sleep). hahaha.

Doesn’t the cake filling look like brains?!  hahaha.  Sorry.  It did kinda look gross when I crumbled up the strawberry cake and mixed it with frosting.  Oh, speaking of which.  The frosting was seriously to die for.  I loved how white and smooth it is!  I even bought clear vanilla extract to make sure the frosting was a perfect white!  And it wasn’t too sweet with a nice hint of almond to finish it off.  🙂

So those of you who were wondering how to make this cake… here is a quick explanation.  I made 4 separate white cakes and then stacked 2 of them together to make 2 separate 2 layer cakes (are you following?).   Then I made strawberry cake and then crumbled it and mixed it with frosting (kinda like how you would make a cake ball).  Next, I carved out the 2 white cakes to create the 3D shape of a heart (see pictures below).  After I froze the cakes, I stuffed them full with the strawberry cake (see below picture) and then froze them so more!

Last, I smooshed the 2 cakes together to make one giant 4 layer (with strawberry cake inside) cake!  Oh, and I frosted the whole cake two more times (you mustn’t forget the crumb layer) to make it just right!



Oh yes… the reason for the kettle and pot on top.. was because I felt like the cake was too tall.  I guess my sleep deprivation made me think that the kettle would squish the cake and make it smaller… or something like that…. hahaha.  But now that I think about it, I was just being a tad bit silly.  🙂




Whew.  Lots of work indeed.  🙂

But take a look at the final product!

Isn’t it sooooo cute?!  🙂  I definitely enjoy making this week.  It is a bit nervewracking when I’m carving out the cake.. and nervewracking when I stack all 4 layers together… and nervewracking transporting/delivering the cake.  But to see people’s look of surprise and delight makes it alllllll worth it!

I definitely want to make this one of my specialties.  For weddings or bridal showers or anniversaries.  🙂

It’s such a sweet cake.  Perfect for sweethearts!  hehe.


3 thoughts on “A Sweet Heart Cake for Sweethearts!

  1. KC says:

    HAHA. Silly (with the kettle on top of the cake). =) Dood, that seriously WAS the tallest cake that I’ve seen in my entire life. Ha. It made me nervous transporting it as well, but thanks for securing it with marshmallows =) Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste it (although I swiped tastes of the frosting as I touched it up… puahahaha). =) GREAT JOB VAL!!

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