New Place, New Post!

Hello hello!

It has been a VERY long time since I’ve posted.  (Yeah, I’m bad like that.)  Not because I wasn’t baking, but because I’ve been busy moving and settling in my new place.  😀

Yes!  I have moved!  Still living in the westside though, because west LA is the best place everrrr!  Especially in this intense summer weather, I am extremely grateful to live so close to the ocean so I won’t die from the heat.

Oven heat + summer heat = DEATH.

But yes, I did manage to find time to bake a couple times while many of my things were still in their boxes.  🙂  I’m a bit sad that my new oven is smaller than my last one.. but I will make do with what I got.   Sigh.

Anywho.  Since it’s summer, I’ve been on a fruit spree!  Not to eat.  Oh no.  No.  I can’t look at fruit now without thinking about how I might bake with it.  hahaha.  I love cobblers, pies, and tarts!  Perfect topped with whipped cream or ice cream!  nom nom nom.

Speaking of which.. I have delicious lemons and peaches that desperately need to be consumed/used.  Hmm.  Peach hand pies? Lemon bars?  Peach crumble?  Lemon meringue cookies?

I have a whole bunch of things to post about… so please be patient!  But here’s a heads-up:  EXPECT LOTS OF FRUIT!  😉


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