Carrot (Cake) on a Stick?

I wasn’t a huge carrot cake fan growing up.  I can probably count on one hand (or more specifically three fingers) how many times I’ve eaten it.  I think it just weirded me out that a vegetable (though I do love carrots) was put into something decadent and fatty like a cake.  Or maybe it’s because it’s usually served with cream cheese (yuck) frosting… yeah.  That’s probably why I didn’t like it.

But after my friend Kerri, who is quite an avid baker herself, made some carrot cake (without cream cheese frosting, thank goodness!) I decided that it’s not that bad after all.  I think mainly because she had an awesome recipe with a secret ingredient!

Now this secret ingredient totally revolutionized carrot cake for me!  I had never thought the pairing of the carrots and this secret ingredient could result in such a yummy cake!   🙂    I found some recipes that called for a number of different things.  Some asked for raisins.  Some for walnuts.  Among a number of other things.  I decided to use Kerri’s recipe, which kept things simple.

I never realized how HARD it is to grate an entire pound of carrots!  Yikes.  My hands were cramping from gripping the carrots so tightly.  Yeah.  I’m a wuss like that.  😦

But the exciting part was adding in the secret ingredient which is… PINEAPPLES!  Crazy, right?  Yummy yummy pineapples!  It gives it a nice sweetness and tartness and moistness.  🙂

And I actually made this recipe twice, which is very rare for me.  (This means I really liked this recipe and you should REALLY try it sometime)   The first time I made cupcakes and the second time I made a really pretty bundt cake (but alas!  No pictures of that one.)

Ah.  So good. Especially when it’s warmed up a bit (with no cream cheese frosting)!  🙂

If you really want the recipe, then let me know!  I am more than willing to email it to you.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Carrot (Cake) on a Stick?

  1. koohiiteasheri says:

    My mom used to make carrot cake (& banana bread, too!) with crushed pineapple – which I love so much more than walnuts. Keeps things moist. 🙂

  2. Teri says:

    I use pineapple in my carrot cake too. I think it’s one of the best parts! The recipe I use has pineapple in the frosting too. It really brings out the flavor.

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