Do I Hear Wedding Bells?!

Yes indeedy!  And no.  Not mine.  hahaha.

I was asked to bake for my dear friend Liz Lee’s bridal shower.  🙂  So I decided to utilize the wedding cake and wedding dress cookie cutters I bought a few months ago.  I almost forgot about them.. but was super excited to finally have a reason to use them!  I also decided to make a very special cake, which I also happened to bake for a friend of a friend’s wedding (of which I will post about later).  🙂

These cookies were pretty labor intensive… I must admit.  But the finished products… were so cute.. that it was almost worth the sleepless night.  🙂

And NOW  for the amazing cake!  I think I want to make this a specialty of mine… 🙂

Pretty… right?  🙂  Wait until you take a look INSIDE!

Isn’t it wonderful?!   YES.  THAT IS A HEART!  The cake that I made for my friend of a friend’s wedding (which, I will post in greater detail at a later time) had a strawberry cake heart.  This one was red velvet cake and I actually liked this recipe (unlike the other cake I made before).

This cake took me well over 10 hours for all the baking and frosting and chilling and assembling and frosting.  It also cost me a whole night of sleep.  😦  But when you open it and you hear the crowd gasp… well… it’s all worth it.  🙂


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