Delightful Treats in the City

As some of you may know, I took a trip up to norcal yet again.  I know.   Again.  Third time this year.  haha.  Don’t worry.  Not falling in love with the bay.  No way!

LA is still THE best place to be!  🙂

Anyhow, I was there visiting the Vo’s and other friends and experiencing some delightful treats in the city of SF.  I will admit–SF is fun.  But everywhere else… yeah… BORINGVILLE.  🙂

A few  fun places I went to are Paulette Macaron, Miette Confiserie, Philz Coffee, Ferry Building, and Blue Bottle Coffee Co. (which also happened to be in the Ferry Building).  🙂

Though I am not a huge macaron fan, these cuties were quite tasty.  🙂  And the colors were quite gorgeous.  Apparently, there is also a Paulette Macarons shop down in Beverly too.  We got four different flavors:  Earl Grey, Carribbean Chocolate, Lemon, and Columbian Coffee.  🙂

Aren’t they so pretty?!  🙂  And mighty tasty too!  hehe.

Though… I didn’t take any pictures at Miette Confeserie… I LOVED IT!  It’s a bakery/candy store.  Oh man.  So many cute Easter stuff.  Their cakes were SO  precious!  Gave me a few ideas for some future cakes.  🙂  Also, they have a macaron “happy hour”  when you can get $1 macarons!  Score!

Next, we hit up Philz Coffee.  I used to be sucha Starbucks addict (I do own a Gold Card… yeah)… but no more.  Philz has ruined me.  I don’t want to be a coffee snob, but nothing is as delicious as my own freshly ground and brewed coffee.  Mmm.  Yes.  I do love good coffee.  🙂  I think every time I go to norcal… I’ve managed to visit a different Philz.  Once in Berkeley, once in Palo Alto, and once in SF.  I shall try to visit them all!  haha.

Speaking of which!  We also hit up Blue Bottle Coffee Co. in the Ferry Building.  A nice hot latte with a caramelized belgium waffle for breakfast?  YES PLEASE!  Though I’m not really a breakfast person… I’d gladly eat this every morning!  🙂


We did some light grocery shopping while at the Ferry Building, which included picking up some Acme bread rolls!  Yum yum.   I love the smell of freshly baked bread!  🙂

Next we had lunch with Jarrod at Jack’s Prime.  Yes yes, this restaurant was not in the city, but oh well.  I’m going to lump it all together. haha.  Let me know tell you… this place has GOOD burgers.  Yummity yum yum!  But my most favorite part was the… FRIED PICKLES!  😀

Don’t those burgers look SO amazing?!  😀

I also ended up cooking for my dear friends, John and Kristen Vo.  🙂  I know… she cooks?!  haha.  I actually don’t like cooking for myself, but I really enjoy hosting dinner for friends!  🙂

Rosemary pork with roasted asparagus and potatoes and bread roll! 🙂

And of course, I baked for this trip too.  😛


These are oldies, but goodies!  hehehehe.  Molasses Spice Cookies with Orange Sugar (which, apparently.. I forgot to post about it before… but I will in the future!) and Lemon Poppyseed Muffins!

Overall, I do have to say… it was quite a delightful trip!  🙂


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