At the End of Every Rainbow…

is a pot of gold!  Okay.  Not really.  Maybe at the end of a DOUBLE rainbow.  ooo.  Twice the luck!

Though in all honesty, I know of something that is even luckier and better than a pot of gold.  🙂   Rainbow cake!  🙂  Let’s just say.. this was an amazing cake.  🙂

It’s such a beautiful and unassuming cake when you first look at it.  But oh how wonderful it is on the inside!

Isn’t the frosting so pretty?  It took so much work and sooooo many egg whites.  Hence all the extra egg yolks I had (which I used to make lemon curd).

Aren’t the colors wonderful?!  But seriously…so much food dye.  But I tell you, it was TOTALLY worth it.  Worth.  Every.  Drop.

Aren’t the colors so bright and vibrant?!  I couldn’t figure out how to make the purple brighter, but I was pretty satisfied overall with how the colors turned out.  So pretty! 🙂

Isn’t it so pretty?!  The layers were actually supposed to be fluffier… but I think I overbeat the egg whites.  😦  But at least the cake tasted delicious… mmm almond extract.  Yum yum!  🙂

Ah yes.  The beautiful finished product!  We all gasped when I cut it open! Isn’t it wondrous and so exciting?!  I do dare say that I may have outdone myself this time.  🙂  I think next time I may try to do it cupcake style or just make smaller cakes.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find one of these at the end of every rainy day?!  🙂


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