Whoohoo! Whoopie Pies!

There’s something very exciting about whoopie pies.  I’m not quite sure what it is.  Maybe cuz the word “whoo” is in the name.

Yes yes.  That must be it…

Anywhoooo(pie), these were quite delicious whoopie pies.  They were Lemon Whoopie Pies with lots and lots of lemons!  Lemon cookies with lemon cream cheese fillings.  🙂

The cookies were nice and soft and delightfully lemony.  🙂

And even though I don’t like cream cheese… the filling was quite nice too.  I did eat a quarter of a whoopie pie.  It was whipped just enough that the cream cheese wasn’t heavy and overbearing.  🙂

Ah yes.  The whoopie pie.

The other wonderful thing about whoopie pies is the endless flavor possibilities!  Chocolate with chocolate.  Mocha and chocolate!  Vanilla with nutella?!  Ah yes.  Quite exciting the many different flavor combinations.  🙂

I think I shall be baking more of these in the future.  Mhm.  🙂


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