Warm Winter Treats!

Despite the crazy weather I have managed to stay sane, keep dry, and not get into any driving accidents.

And because of the awful weather, we all deserve a pick-me-up of sorts, right?  Well, my idea of a pick-me-up is eating baked goods with a special “kick”. 🙂

Bourbon Snaps & Guinness Stout Gingerbread Cake, anyone?  🙂  So delicious!  These will keep anyone warm during the cold winter season. hehe.

It tastes like bourbon, molasses and butter. hehe. 🙂

But oh man.  The Guiness Stout Gingerbread Cake was amazing! It was moist and gingery and delicious!

Delicious! 🙂  And I’m actually going to make Banana Bourbon Bread Pudding tonight… hehe.

I am STILL so many posts behind.  Rawr.  You’d think that I would be caught up (being that I was on vacation and all), but yes.  I shall try to post them up by next week!

I think everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions should include at least one that involves baking.  Whether baking for the first time, baking more, baking less (for me..), baking for others.  The choices are endless!

Happy New Year everyone!


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