Tarts & Cobblers & Pies! Oh My!

There’s something immensely satisfying with baking.

Seeing my beautiful baked goods cooling on their respective racks bring me immense satisfaction.  🙂

I made these scrumptious delights a few weeks ago for CCAC’s Women’s Dessert Night and for the boys at Horizon (since all the girls went to the women’s thing).

I wanted to create something “classy” for the ladies, so I chose to make Caramel Cranberry Almond Tart and Cinnamon Crumb Apple Pie.  And I thought that the boys would appreciate something more home-y, like a Peach Blueberry Cobbler.

Tarts, cobblers and pies (oh my!) do require a bit more work than say muffins or cookies.  But they look so pretty in the end!  Don’t you agree? 🙂

The caramel gave me a really hard time.  I actually had to throw away the first batch and start over.  And I accidentally burnt some of the almond slivers so I had to pick through and throw those out.  Sigh.  But it came out beautifully!

I heard that the cobbler tasted wonderful!  Being that I wasn’t there to witness the cobbler’s consumption.. I’ll just have to take what I heard as the truth. haha.  But I have to say it came out really really pretty and I heard the topping was almost savory because of the cornmeal.  Quite interesting.

Apple pie.  Yum.  Crumb topping?  Yum yum. Pie are always so hard for me.  But since this wasn’t a double crust pie.. it wasn’t as hard as usual.  🙂

Hurray!  One post down and a few more to go! 🙂

Oh yes… MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy family, friends, food, fellowship!  But most of all, remember why we celebrate–JESUS! 🙂


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