This Little Piggie…

I really should stop eating out so much.

Really should.

But… how can I resist?!


Here are just a few of the places I’ve been this past fall.  YUM.

Amandine Cafe with Tina Chen. (I went again, yes.)

Ord Noodles with Mary, Dennis & Jerry. (VERY SPICY!)

Aroma Cafe with the roomie, Liz Low. (The one on Tujunga. SO GOOD!)

LUNCH with Kimmie Mark. (Delicious sandwiches that are perfect for.. LUNCH!)

Isaac Toast with Jen Chien. (Spicy Bulgogi in a sandwich. AMAZING.)

[Excuse the bad quality.. I thought I left my camera at home, so I used my phone camera.  But then later.. I realized I actually had my camera.  BOO. 😦 ]

Last but not least… The Oinkster with Mr. Joshua Wong. (Amazing pastrami!)

Ah yes.  I forget sometimes how much I love food.  Today a kid at school asked me what my favorite food was… and I answered, “PIZZA!” immediately.  But then I said, ” I love sushi too.  And fried rice.  Well… I like most Chinese food.  And Thai food.  Ohhh and Mexican food… steak…”

You get the idea.  🙂  And I highly recommend you check ALL these places out!  😀  And.. bring me along too.

Weeee weeee!


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