Cupcakes are Just Too Cute!

I really like cupcakes.

There’s something about them… that makes them so appealing and fun.

Maybe because they are mini-cakes but cuter?  Or is it because there’s a better frosting to cake ratio?  Or maybe because there are endless possibilities in flavors and decorations?

Who knows.  🙂  Plus, I’m a sucker for sprinkles and cute cupcake liners.  Sigh.

Rootbeer Float Cupcakes and Classic Birthday Cake Cupcakes, anyone? 🙂

Rootbeer floats are one of my favorite treats in the world!  So.. rootbeer floats in a cupcake?!  WOWZERS!  🙂

I do have to say though.. taste was okay.  Perhaps if I used better rootbeer and put real ice cream in/on it.. then it may have tasted better. 😦  Oh well.

Nothing says “childhood” more to me than birthday cakes with lots of frosting and sprinkles.  But to keep things simple, I decided to make them into cupcakes.  They are cuter, more portable, and just so precious!


Yellow cake and chocolate frosting with rainbow sprinkles.

Every child’s dream. 🙂

Oh, talking about dreams.  I am half-way to one of mine!

No no.  I am not getting my own stand mixer.  Not yet at least..

One of my dreams is to run a marathon… and well, tomorrow I’m going to run a HALF-marathon! 😀  Maybe one day… I will be able to run one.  Maybe. 🙂

Wish me luck?  And maybe bake me a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles too?


All right.  Worth a try asking.

hehe. 😛


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