Traveling the World… One Meal at a Time

I realized that I am a baker and not so much a cook.  I prefer to bake desserts than cook a meal.

In fact, most of the times I go grocery shopping… it’s f0r baking ingredients.  So this brings up the question…what do I eat?!

I mean.. I don’t eat most of my baked goods and I obviously haven’t starved to death yet.  So I must be eating something, right?  Well, minus the rare rare occasions that I get the cooking itch and actually make myself a real meal, I think I survive on eating out! 🙂  But thank goodness I live in LA and there is delicious food ALL around me! hehe.

For example…

BimBimBap from BiBiGo 🙂










Delicious omelettes, pastries & iced coffee from Amandine’s Cafe 🙂





Indonesian food from Ramayani Indonesian Bistro 🙂



















Ethiopian food from Industry Cafe and Jazz 🙂

This is one of the many reasons why I love LA!  Delicious delicious food! 🙂

Though I would much rather eat these delicious meals IN the country of origin.  Maybe one day.  Maybe. 🙂

But on a happier note!  I’ve been baking more and taking pictures so… expect a couple more updates! 😀


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