Back into the Swing of Things

Ah yes.  The past month or so has been a bit odd in terms of adjustments to my schedule and daily routine.. so I haven’t been able to post as much.  I’m sure you’ve noticed.  I actually… kind of forgot.. about my blog.  (YIKES!)

But here are my pretty legit reasons for the lack of updating:

1.  I actually work now.  Every day.  For a substantial amount of time. Sitting in kindergarten and falling asleep along with the poor kids in it.

2. Church ministries are starting back up with lots of new commitments. 😀

3.  I hurt my back a few weeks back and I couldn’t run for two weeks.  Sad part about this?  I was washing the dishes when it happened. UGH.

4. I broke my camera memory card, so I couldn’t take any pictures. Sad.

5. I got kind of busy and since I didn’t have a working camera… I kind of slowed down the baking craziness.  Yeah.

6. UCLA has resumed so that means my social calendar has increased threefold.  Okay fine.  I’m not THAT popular.  😦

But yes,  I am adjusting well (thanks for asking!).  🙂

Quite exciting the different seasons we have in life.  I thoroughly enjoy transitions and changes!

But now that my work schedule is stable, my back is at 95% healed, running routines have resumed, and the camera is back in action.. I do think it is time for me to start posting again! 🙂

So hopefully I shall be good about posting regularly again.  I do have several things to write about, so please be looking forward to that! 😀


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