Fellowship, Sharing & Treats

Ah yes.  Nothing can be sweeter than fellowship, sharing of testimonies and delicious treats. 🙂

Okay well.. I can name a few other things (God’s Word, babies, itty bitty animals), but you know what I mean. 🙂

A few weeks ago (I know.  I’ve been so BAD at blogging lately!), CCAC (my church) had our annual Coffeehouse Night!  During Coffeehouse, the summer missions team we send to Ensenada, Mexico usually shares testimonies and pictures and stories for the congregation along with some musical performances and lots of baked goods and coffee.  But this year, we asked all of our summer missionaries to share!  So exciting to see the many wondrous things our Lord is doing all around the world!  We had people go to Tunisia, China, Oaxaca, India and Haiti, as well as Ensenada.

Twas a lovely night of sharing and testimony to the faithfulness of our God and His desire to see a people from all peoples.  We were also blessed to have musical performances showcasing the wonderful talents God has given many of our brothers and sisters.  Twas encouraging to see how we can use our musical abilities for the Lord.  Our God is so good, amen?  Amen!

And of course, yummy treats.  There was an overwhelming response from the congregation to bring in delicious treats.  I couldn’t take any pictures (since my camera incident…), but my friend was able to take pictures of mine. haha. 🙂

And I’ll leave you with this cute and touching anecdote.. the other day at preschool the kids were singing the cutest but bestest song ever. 🙂

Day by day I’m learning to love You

Day by day I’m learning to serve You

You take my hands

You never walk away

As you change my heart

Day by day


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