I Love Crusts, Crusts, Crusts!

I have to admit.  The best part of pizza, pies, chicken pot pies, etc., etc., etc., is the crust!

Well, when done right, of course.  But the crunchy buttery flaky goodness of a good crust is something to be cherished and savored.  Hmm.. though pizza crusts don’t actually come out as crunchy and buttery nor flaky…but you get my drift!

I think it’s because I’m a CARBO-vore .  Yes.  I have coined this term for those of us out there that LOVE carbs.  I just had bread for breakfast.  I love pastas for dinner.  I love french fries (though, I haven’t had Micky D’s fries in over 6 months.  tear.) for any time of the day.  I crave rice A LOT.  I just truly do love my carbs!

Oh sorry for the tangent there.  What I meant to write about (before my self-proclaimed spiel about carbs) was the lovely pie crust-happy baked goods I made a few weeks ago.  Not having a camera has really put a damper on my baking zeal… 😦  Thank goodness for friends (like Sam Li!) who let me steal their camera to take some pictures. 🙂

So for our church picnic… I made Pecan Pie Pie Pops and Bourbon Peach Hand Pies.  Yum Yum! 🙂  I don’t remember if I mentioned this in my earlier posts.. but I made a gazillion pie crust doughs so that I could make these yummy treats.  I think I will definitely make the pie pops again, perhaps with cherry or pumpkin pie filling?!  The hand pies were really yummy, but man.  The dough is SO…needy.  haha.  It needs to be fridged, then you assemble it… then you fridge it again… and then you just fridge some more.  I admit.. I was running short on time in the end.. so I took some short cuts.  They still turned out DELICIOUS though! 🙂

My memory card died in the middle of me making these… so I only have pictures of the finished product.

Then for refreshments at church (THE VERY NEXT DAY!  Yeah.. I didn’t sleep much that weekend..) I made savory and sweet pop tarts and nectarine muffins (yeah.. those don’t have crusts). 🙂  I filled the savory pop tarts with pesto and the sweet pop tarts with nutella.  Delicious!   They were gone in like… 5 minutes.   Yay for no leftovers!

Yum yum.  I actually have a couple more pictures to post for another day!  Hurray!  🙂

I hope you’re all enjoying your LAST week of summer!  AH!  Fall is so near.. this means.. pumpkin and spices and persimmon and savory treats.  MHM!


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