For the Love of…APPLE PIE! :D

Yes.  Good ole’ apple pie.  The very essence of America.. or so they say.. along with baseball and selling lemonade as a kid and liberties and rights and what not. 🙂

I am not an especially big fan of apple pies.. but apple a la mode is a very satisfying dessert. 🙂  And if you’re having a BBQ…well, then you need to have an apple pie!  Duh.

I have been wanting to bake pies all summer and I have made a few already (Buttermilk Pie, Blackberry Cream Pie… okay I lie.  Only two pies, but whatever.) and for whatever reason I haven’t made an apple pie yet.. 🙂  I really wanted to make a double crusted pie.  Streusel toppings are fun.. but not as special as a lattice-top pie or something cute like heart cut outs. 🙂

Baking apple pies are fun!  I was a little bit worried about the whole lattice top pie.. but it was actually quite easy to do! 🙂  I didn’t brush the tops of my pies with egg whites.. so they didn’t come out as pretty as I would have liked them to be. 😦  Oh well, next time!

Also, I want to try a different top crust next time.  I am thinking of cutting out little hearts and putting them in rows across the top.  Can you imagine it?  How freaken CUTE would that be?! 😀  Or maybe some stars or circles.. or leaves?  It is almost (well… not that we really experience fall in LA) FALL!  🙂  OOO.  As much as I love summer.. I really LOVE fall!  I can’t wait for pumpkin pie, persimmon cookies, and gingerbread cookies! 🙂  Yum yum!

Oh yes.  Some sad news… apparently I broke my memory card.. and my camera doesn’t work without one.  So.. no pictures for awhile. 😦  I still have one more post (on cookies!) to post.. but until I get a new memory card.. there shall be no more pictures!  😦

BOO.  I’m really sad because I made some freaken cute pecan pie pie pops (imagine tiny pies on a popsicle stick!) and bourbon peach hand pies (imagine pies that fit in your hand!).  SIGH.  Oh.  And homemade savory and sweet pop tarts (pesto and nutella, respectively).

Well.. I assure you that I will order that new memory card very soon and I will be back in action in no time! 🙂


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