Playing Catch Up is NOT Fun!

This applies in most areas of my life.. whether it is typing up work notes.. memorizing Ephesians…posting on this blog.  I used to be pretty prompt and punctual about posting.. but the past couple weeks have been pretty lax and procrasinative (it’s a real word! jk.).

So as I play catch up.. please bear with me, k?  COOL!

Last week I made…uhh… I kinda blanked there.

Oh yes!  Dimply Plum Cake and Homemade Oreos and Kahlua Cupcakes! 🙂

The Dimply Plum Cake and Homemade Oreos didn’t quite turn out as I had hoped.. but the Kahlua Cupcakes were AMAZING. 🙂  Definitely one I’d make again. 🙂

Plums are quite delicious! I used to love plums as a kid.. but baking with them is so much fun too!  I think I wanna try plum pie next time!   With a crumb topping.. or some plum tarts.  YUM.

I kinda didn’t follow this recipe.  It’s supposed to be creme filling.. but I REALLY didn’t want to use shortening.. so I just melted marshmallows for the filling.  BUT.  That was so unbelievably hard to spread.  I’ll just have to kill my friends next time and use shortening.  SORRY.  But yes, the recipe warns you to dunk these suckas into LOTS of milk.  Boy, I should’ve.  They were SUPER crumble-y!

Kahlua and coffee through and through! It called for both those ingredients in the batter AND frosting.  My kitchen definitely smelled yummy yummy yummy.  😛

All right.  I am desperately behind on blogging.  I still have at least.. 3 more posts to go and I keep on baking or doing fun things.. and that just keeps pushing more and more behind.  😦

YIKES.  I will update more often!  Yes I will! 🙂


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