I Like My Friends :)

Well… most of the time. keke.

jk. jk.

I love my friends! 🙂  And since I’ve been so very busy with my many many friends this past week, I haven’t found the time to update!  And so to not overwhelm you, I shall make one long post instead of 3 or 4 multiple posts (wait.. that makes sense right?)… err I mean, I’ll just keep it short and simple. 🙂

Got to hang out with my gal pals from back home (half of the Mag Crew) in Riverside because poor Emily usually has to drive alllll the way to PV to play and Allie and I thought we’d be nice and drive there instead.  I don’t know how she does the drive!  We got to eat yummy food, go shopping, and check up and encourage one another.  🙂

Later on this week was the two day celebration of my friend (Jonathan’s) birthday.  Twas a very celebratory packed two days.  On Thursday, we had dinner at Laurel Tavern in Studio City and late night snack at Crave Cafe in Sherman Oaks.  And on Friday, we had more dinner and drinks at Gyenari in Culver City.  And.. dancing and more drinks (hmm… interesting pattern here.  Like the alliteration?) at The Room in Santa Monica.  Quite delicious food, good company, lots of laughs, plenty of grooving, and hopefully in the end, Jonathan felt VERY LOVED!!

So yeah, only got pictures from Laurel Tavern.  The food was pretty dang yummy.  I think I’ll try stopping by there for lunch some time.  🙂

All right.  That’s all I can handle posting now.  I did have fun on Friday too with my friend, Kimmie, when we visited Joni & Friends with my church.  I find it very exciting and cool and awesome that CCAC is going to start a Disabilities Ministry!  (particularly since it goes along with my line of work–working with autistic children) !!  Kimmie and I were supposed to go to the beach.. but we just ended going to Spumoni in Brentwood and grabbing a late lunch before heading out to the rest of Jon’s birthday celebrations in the evening.

Okay okay.  Two more pictures. 🙂

I will have to update soon again.. I have many cute baked goods/desserts to share with you all! 🙂


3 thoughts on “I Like My Friends :)

  1. Emily says:

    our lunch looked so delicious!! and that picture of the mission inn looking up turned out so cool looking! glad I made the blog =)

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