I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for Ice Cream! :D

Ah yes.  Nothing cools you down than a nice BIG bowl (or cone) of cold, sweet, yummy ice cream. 🙂  My personal favorite is the vanilla ice cream cone from McDonalds. hehe.

Since the weather has been on the warmer side (though this week has been delightfully cool), I’ve been on the hunt for desserts that are cool and help you stay that way.  I searched high and I searched low and what do you know!  Ice cream sandwiches are bound to be the perfect solution for hot sticky days!

Ready for a picture tour?  It’s pretty long… and oh!  Screaming (at me for some goods) isn’t going to get you anything!  Perhaps  dinner or playtime with me might win/earn/deserve some of these yummy treats from me. keke.

Wow.  That took me much longer than I expected! 🙂

But yes.. they weren’t as pretty as I had hoped for them to be.. but I think it’s because the ice cream was too melted.  I think I want to try another chocolate cookie recipe.. the one I used looked cute but the flavor left much to be desired…

But they were a delightful treat for a warm summer night!  I also love the chocolate chip recipe I used… I think it shall be my new favorite! Woo! 😀

I shall definitely be trying these out again! hehe.

And I actually get to bake again this week… Friday night I shall be making yet another cake.  Not a fancy wedding cake, but a birthday one.. and I have the perfect cake for the occasion!  Stay tuned and stay cool, friends!


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