Just Can’t Stop…Don’t Wanna Stop!

So I lied about not wanting to bake because it’s so hot.  When you bake at 9:45pm in West LA… it really isn’t that hot. 🙂

Making a favorite (Blueberry Buttermilk Cake) because my roommate, Angela (WHO JUST GOT ENGAGED. WOOHOO!), loves it.  I love making my roommates fat. keke.

Also trying a new recipe, Plum Skillet Cake (but since I don’t have a skillet.. I suppose I should just call it Plum Cake), because my momma got me some plums.

And then.. if I have time (well, more like if I actually want to sleep before 2am today), then I shall attempt to bake some yummy chocolate and/or chocolate chip cookies for a special treat for some special people. 🙂

But don’t worry… I am still excited to try out my jello experiment.. 🙂  That may be for this weekend. 😀


3 hours later…

The Blueberry Buttermilk Cakes are nice and cooled.  They are awaiting to be inverted, but I haven’t gotten there yet because I was busy making the Plum Skillet Cake.  That is in the oven now too.  🙂

(It really takes me forever to post.. especially when I do it real-time!)

I think I should refrain from making any cookies tonight.  I think I’ll do that tomorrow and finish the special treat up on Wednesday.  I actually have a book club tomorrow night!  I’m facilitating and that means we need lots of yummy food!  So the Plum Skillet Cake is for tomorrow night.. and perhaps I’ll make some iced tea or some sort of fruit drink! 😀 Now I need to reread the first couple chapters… 🙂

Pictures?  If only you can smell what I smell… deliciousness!

19 hours later…

OOPS. HAHA.  I totally konked out on the couch last night and never finished this post.  Good thing my cake didn’t burn.. whew.  I really need to sleep earlier.  But without further ado… 🙂

All right.  I must bounce.  I really take a long time to post. 🙂


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