Meat + Baking = INSPIRATION

My good friend (Kari), who is leaving for Japan in a week to teach English, had a fun farewell/send off party.  And I must say… good times indeed with good food, good friends, and good conversations! 🙂

But what was most amazing was what her brother (Ryan) created… MEAT CAKE.

Before I go into detail of what a MEAT CAKE is.. I must tell you.. this is NOT for the faint of heart and weak of stomach.  This was created by a guy who LOVES meat.  And I mean.. LOVES LOVES meat and grease and everything manly.  He used to create MANWICHES… which were basically 1 to 2lb hamburgers smothered in chili and must be eaten with bare hands.  I have to say.. I was one of those strong of heart and stomachs that managed to put away a 2lb MANWICH.  (Yeah.  I used to be pretty disgusting too.)

Anywhos… he created this MEAT CAKE in honor of his sister Kari.  And I have to say.. I was SERIOUSLY inspired.  I don’t really cook with meat much these days (I think eggs are my main source of protein now), but I SO SO SO want to make this!

May I introduce you to the awesomeness that is the MEAT CAKE?!

Yes.  It is made of meat and more meat and mashed potatoes and a sprinkling of veggies. 🙂  It’s like a fancy schmancy meatloaf… for lack of better terms.

Ready for the play by play?  😀

Step 1: Lean beef & apple chicken sausages in a cake pan.  Baked until cooked.

Step 2:  Bacon wrapped filet mignon. Seared and cooked to perfection.

Step 3: Bacon and shrimp skewers grilled to perfection.

Step 4:  Prepare garnishes as meat cools.

Step 5:  Cut and prepare meat layers for “frosting”.

Step 6:  Prepare mashed potato “frosting”.

Step 7: FROST.

Step 8: Frost some moreeeee.

Step 9: Garnish with veggies.

Step 10:  Stack bacon wrapped filet mignon and stick in shrimp and bacon skewers and garnish with orange peel/green onion strips.

Step 11:  Finish garnishing with tomatoes and whatever else you want!

Isn’t it beautiful?! AH! I want to make one sooooooo bad now. 🙂

But yes.  I shall be quite sad to see Kari go. 😦  But a year in Japan will be quite an exciting adventure for her! 😀 Hurray!  I wish you the best Kari, dear!

4/5ths of the Mag Crew: Me, Allie, Kari, Emily. 🙂

Anyone up for a MEAT CAKE one of these days? 🙂


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