Must Escape the Heat…

I know that the summertime is meant to be hot… but COME ON! This heat is making me dream of ice cream and want to jump into pools of froyo and lemonade (Oh, not together.. that’s gross!) and want to sleep in a jello bed and thirst for ginger ale and yearn for any sort of relief!

YIKES. And with this intense heat wave, I am losing the desire to bake (not to mention my desire to eat or do anything in general)!  AHH.  How can I add to my misery by opening an oven blazing at 400 degrees?!  I would probably lose my mind. 😦

So, I’m going to put on hold my desire to bake pies and tarts and cookies.  I think on the cooler nights or days when my fruit are just about ready to rot, I’ll brave the heat and make something.  But for now.. I just want to make.. POPSICLES and ICE CREAM and SORBETS and JELLO.

You get the picture.  Popsicles would be quite lovely!  Or a cool refreshing fruit drink (sangria…) would be so delightful these days.  Or perhaps some funny shaped jello blobs that are wiggly and jiggly and make me giggly. 🙂

Oh yes. I actually have a really fun idea with jello that I want to try out.. must do a bit of research first though.  Hm… OMG. Look at how many FLAVORS they have!

I think puddings and fruit curds or melt-in-your-mouth treats should be some other things I need to look into.

But before I do, I do want to write about a lovely Lemon Poppyseed Muffin I made.  I SO LOVE LEMONS.  I love the sweet/tartness and these muffins are so delightful!  I didn’t modify the recipe though.. I tend to be quite liberal/generous in my use of lemon juice and zest.  Especially in the glaze… I did mention that I LOVE lemons, right? 😛

I was in quite a hurry making them (a few nights ago).. that I forgot to take pictures.  I am a bit disappointed in myself for forgetting.. but since people really liked this recipe, I think I shall make it again and be sure to take lots and lots of pictures.  🙂

But yes!  I hope you are all finding ways to stay COOL! 😀


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