Children Really are Cookie Monsters…

I know that Cookie Monster now has this whole being healthy remake and what not…but who are we fooling?!  haha.

When normally sweet and nice children are giving cookie dough, cookie cutters, sprinkles and sugars and icings… oh… their true cookie monster natures are revealed! 🙂

Like I’ve mentioned a couple times before, I was asked to do a baking workshop for my church’s Family Fun Day.   I decided a sugar cookie decorating workshop would be super duper fun!  And it was!  But also very messy and chaotic. haha.  But fortunately no one got burned or got sick from eating raw cookie dough.. though if they did get tummyaches later from eating too many cookies… no moms have complained yet! keke.

Delicious.  Even though icings and sprinkles are lots of fun.  My favorite sugar cookies are simple round and rolled in sugar.  🙂

Yum yum!


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