Summer Days, Summer Craze

I am usually a fan of cooler days.. but when it’s summer I want my sun!  🙂

I’m glad the sun has finally started to show its face earlier and earlier these days.  There is nothing fun about wearing dresses when it’s misting and raining in JULY!  Oh no.

One thing I love/hate about the summer is that there is so much to do and there is so much to do!  Everyone and their mom seems to be out more and normally not-too-crowded areas are jam packed!  Yikes.  But who can blame them?  We live in socal.  Must get out and enjoy the sun! 🙂

Speaking of which, I went to Santa Monica today for brunch with some friends.  We ate at Jack n Jill’s Cafe.  SO CUTE.  I would like to go back some more. 🙂

Pictures from brunch!

But yes…

I suppose the main reason for this post (I am in a bit of a rambling mood…) is to talk about my current summer craze: making with fruit! 🙂  You may have seen some of my past posts with all of my fruit creations…but seriously.  I want to bake with fruit all the time!  😀  I made nectarine galettes, but now I want to make them with plums!  I made blackberry cream pie, but now I want to make citrus or raspberry pies!  I made apple muffins, but now I want to make lemon raspberry cupcakes!  Ah.  So many fruits and pies.. but so so little time. 😦

I think I need to set a goal for myself.  This will sort of contain the craziness and make sure I have enough time to make everything I want to make!  My apartmentment bought me this awesome pie and tart recipe book.  I think my goal will be to steadily bake through it.  I have done a handful of them already and since most of them are fruit pies/tarts, I think that it shall satisfy my cravings to bake with fruit! 🙂

Another goal is to bake more cookies!  I’ve been focusing on tarts and pies and cakes and cupcakes a lot that I’ve neglected the cookie!  I bought this cute cookie recipes book and I haven’t even baked one yet!  SIGH.  If only flour and eggs and butter and all cake ingredients grew on trees.  😦    But yes!  I want to bake lots of cookies and cute treats. hehe.

That’s enough rambling for now… another post to come about my cookies! 🙂


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