Galette (gə-ˈlet): French for Deliciousness

Okay.. galette isn’t deliciousness in French.  Nor is deliciousness a real word. 🙂

But they sure do taste delicious! hehe.

I’ve been wanting to make some form of galettes for awhile now.  I was thinking of making an apple or plum one.. but then I got some delicious white nectarines from my mama and decided to use those instead. 🙂

I also made some lemon cupcakes with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream.  I originally made them because one of my clients from work is leaving the agency and since he loves cupcakes and sprinkles (what 3 year old doesn’t?!), I thought I’d make him some cupcakes as a goodbye present.   I shall miss that cutie pie. 😦

Anywhos… picture time!

OH YEAH.  I’ll be baking hundreds of sugar cookies this weekend for my church’s Family Fun Day!  We’ll be decorating and eating them! SUPER EXCITED! hehe.

I wonder what I should make next… 🙂


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