Beach + Food Trucks :)

Hello hello!

What a fun day!

Beautiful (though a bit windy) Malibu beach and food trucks on Abbott Kinney.

I actually haven’t gotten food from a food truck before nor have I really visited Abbott Kinney, so this was doubly exciting for me!  We weren’t really sure when the food trucks would start selling food, so we just headed over around 5:30pm.  That was actually a good idea, because they started selling at 6pm, but it gave us time to find parking and get our bearings.

But enough words for now…

We didn’t go to the last two trucks… but we were like.. WHAT THE?!  Really now.. a North Korean truck?!  And a Bar-Bie Q truck.. hahaha.. bbq? 🙂  I want to try that one next time actually.. hahaha

And I finished off the night by watching Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton version) and Invictus.  Quite a satisfactory Friday, if I must say so myself! 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend! 😀


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