Blessed Weekend with the Horizoners :)

Hello everyone!

Can I just say three things?




Okay cool.  I’m going to sleep now.  BYE.

haha jk. 🙂

This past weekend was Horizon Retreat!  I have to say… I was very encouraged by this retreat.  It was slightly different being on the administrative side of things, but it made me happy to see newcomers being welcomed and everyone enjoying good fellowship. 🙂  Our speaker, Jonathan Peppers, and his wife, Alaina, were awesome!  I was amazed to hear even snippets of their lives and testimonies and see the journey God has taken them on.  🙂  They were so willing to talk to us and encourage us this weekend!

The house we stayed in was amazing too!  So spacious and with all the amenities!  It was beautiful and comfortable and just a wonderful place to stay. 🙂

The food was pretty amazing as well!  Thanks to Sam and Kathy and Christine and Kristen for cooking.  The food was delish!  Lots and lots of garlic.. the way I like it! 🙂 I tried to help.. but I kept on getting distracted by Trevor… but how can one not be?!

I just had to stick another picture of him in. hehe. 🙂

The messages and break-out sessions were a good reminder to love one another.  🙂  A good reminder to always be aware of our heart attitudes.  A good reminder that we love because God loved us first.  Mhm.  We were challenged to look at Jesus’ life and see how He responded to those around Him.  That agape love is not from ourselves and does not seek good for ourselves.  🙂

And of course,  there were lots of time to chat and play games and sing songs and just enjoy each other’s company too! 🙂

Hurray!  All in all a wonderful weekend and retreat!  What a lovely way to usher in the summertime. 😀


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