Vacay Dates are the Best pt. 2

Soooooo… I ended up not going to the beach.  I went to 3rd St instead and proceeded to buy way too many clothes because there were way too many sales.  NO MORE AFTER THIS, I SWEAR! UGH. 🙂

But anywhos, I did go to my ultimate fave spot in Santa Monica: HUCKLEBERRY!  I wasn’t in too hungry of a mood so I just got cumin roasted carrots and avocados and a chocolate truffle pudding. 🙂  Oh, and a cup of drip coffee, of course.

Delicious. 🙂

After getting home and finally going running (I haven’t felt this sore in so long. 😦 ), I started baking!  YUM.

Chocolate florentines (which you may remember from a few posts back) and my ultimate fave GINGER COOKIES!

I’m not going to finish the chocolate florentines (and I’m going to try using Nutella this time!) until I get to Horizon Retreat, so I can sleep at a decent hour tonight. haha.  But the ginger cookies are all done! 😀  I love how good they smell.  AH.

Ah.  I suppose I should share the Ginger Cookie recipe with you… I substitute butter for the margarine. 🙂  And I like to add more spices.. but I like my food to be extra flavorful. hehe.  I also roll my cookies in vanilla sugar, but normal sugar works great too.  To get the perfect round-ness, then you MUST use the bottom of a cup to flatten the cookies before you bake them.  I always like to take them out a couple minutes earlier than the recipe tells you, because then they’d be extra soft. 🙂

Yum.  Yum.

Overall, today was a pretty awesome day! 🙂

I shall be sure to post about Horizon Retreat after this weekend!  HOW EXCITING!   It’s going to be beautiful in Santa Barbara; we’re staying in a lovely beach house! 🙂


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