Summer is hereeeeeeeeee!

I love summer!

Summer means beach and BBQs  and fireworks and beach and amusement parks and beach and O.C. Fair and Hollywood Bowl.. and oh, did I mention beach?!

Yeah.  I can’t believe I grew up so close to the beach and didn’t come to love it until last year!  Crazy!  🙂

I went to the beach today because… well, because I just wanted to! I was afraid of the June Gloom, but fortunately, the gloom was gone when I got there!  Beautiful blue skies for miles around!   Got some reading done and napping.  And… got a teensy bit sunburned too.  Didn’t realize how powerful those UV rays are. 😦

And since summer is here… I want to try and make popsicles!  🙂  I want to make ice cream and fruit drinks and pies too!  Yum yum. 🙂  Fruit tarts are in season too… and I feel the need to make lots of cupcakes. 😀

Summer also makes me want to eat lots of BBQ food too.  Corn on the cob.  Grilled salmon.  Potato salad.  Steak.  Salads!  Yum.  Or sushi on those super hot days when you don’t want to eat anything (I’m not the only one that feels that way right?!). 🙂  Delicious.

Summer time is awesome. 🙂


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