Wedding Cake Adventures: SUCCESS!


For the past couple days, I’ve breathed and dreamed and thought and lived for this wedding cake… and now that it’s over.. I feel aimless and purpose-less.

haha jk.

But what an amazing adventure it has been! 🙂

My roommate and I were able to safely make it to the reception location and unload the cakes.  Fortunately, there was little traffic/me getting lost and the cakes made it all in one piece!

The ceremony was beautiful and so touching.  AH.  I love love! 🙂

Right after the ceremony, Liz and I rushed back to the reception location to work on the cake.  We pinned purple and silver ribbons around each of the tiers.  Then Liz decorated each tier with swirls and hearts and music notes by piping vanilla buttercream.  Since we had a little bit of time, we chilled the cakes until it was almost the time of the reception.

Just before it was 5pm, we took the cakes out and stacked them on the cake table.  I have to admit.. I had not taken the forethought of checking that the cakes would stack correctly… needless to say we were able to make the best of that situation and finished it all off with some flowers provided by the florist.

I would say I was about 75% satisfied with the cake.  I realize that it was my first wedding cake and I am a harsh critic.  Luckily, Tritia and Eric loved the cake and that is all that really matters!  I am so honored that they trusted and believed in me to make their wedding cake! Yay yay!

Hurray hurray!  I can’t believe it’s over.  😦  I’ve been thinking/planning/preparing for this day since last fall!  Can you believe it?!  Nothing has occupied me for such a long time ever!  But I know I need to write down notes and ideas for next time (ANY TAKERS?!) and how to more efficiently and better create a wondrous wedding cake!  Gotta learn from my mistakes!  And thank goodness for a roommate like Liz who is artistic and made the wedding cake look AMAZING.  It was all her.  MAN! 🙂

But most importantly… I can’t believe that Tritia and Eric are FINALLY married!  I am so excited and sad too.  My apartment-mate is gone FOREVERRRRRR.  haha.  No more random disney movies or silly conversations or singing of ridiculous songs.  😦  But I wish her the BEST and pray that God will bless their marriage abundantly and graciously. 🙂

Ready for the pictures of the cake?!  I’ll post pictures of the wedding after I’m more rested. haha.

HURRAY! 😀  I seriously happy that I’m not baked-out or anything.  But a couple days of rest and not baking would be nice. 🙂  Hurray for an awesome experience! 🙂  I can’t wait for next time!


6 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Adventures: SUCCESS!

  1. Naomi says:

    omgosh val!! it’s beautiful 🙂 i’m so proud of you hehe. i’ve been following your adventures with this cake and love the results ;]

  2. Catherine Le says:

    congratulations, val! it was a lot of fun following you on this. it came out beautiful…i can almost taste it, even. post pictures of the inside!

  3. Emily says:

    2 things – WOW, that cake looks amazing!!!! You’re awesome Val! Also, I love your dress! You look good!

    Anyway, see you soon mayyybeeee?

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