Wedding Cake Adventures: Day 2 pt. 3


Today was probably the most intense day of my baking life.  Besides the mini-cake escapade I had a week ago.. that is. !!

Ready for some intense updates?  OKAY.  (I’ve been dying to update since my last post.. but sadly no internet connection!)

After finishing up the chocolate buttercream frosting, chocolate mousse, and loading everything into my car, my roommate (Liz, the amazing master of fondant) and I drove up to CCAC (my church) to begin the intense business of frosting, filling, and fondanting the cakes (gotta love the alliteration!).

We arrive and unload everything and get straight to work.

We frosted the cakes individually and then chilled them.

Once all 6 cakes were frosted and put into the fridge, we started to slice the strawberries.

OH YEAH. So… you know how I made like 7 batches of frosting?!  I ONLY USED 3 BATCHES.  INSANE. I HAVE SO MUCH CHOCOLATE BUTTERCREAM LEFT I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!  (Does anyone want?!).  Not only did we have too much buttercream.. we also sliced WAYYYY too many strawberries.  haha.  Me and my tendency to overestimate. 🙂

Then we took the cakes out by tiers and laid the strawberries on the bottom layer and covered that with chocolate mousse and then put the top layer on top of that.  Then we filled the spaces with more mousse and finally covered it all up with more buttercream.  And repeat this for 2 more tiers.  It was pretty intense, but fun.  We had visitors stop by and chat with us throughout so it was pretty chill.

After finishing all 3 tiers, Liz and I went to dinner at King’s Burger for sushi. HAHA.  If you don’t know, King’s Burger also happens to have a pretty amazing sushi bar, so we got delicious sushi as a reward for all our hard work. (I will post about that later!)

After dinner, we started the daunting process of fondanting.  I think this part alone took us almost 4 hours.  Fortunately I bought AMAZING fondant that was soft and supple, but we had a couple mishaps on the way.  But in the end, we prevailed over the fondant and covered all 3 tiers.  We had to redo the top tier, but we were pretty proud of ourselves. 🙂

Lastly, Liz trimmed all the cake boards so that the cakes would stack nicely for tomorrow while I inserted my boba straws (which were my ghetto dowel rods) to support the cake for the major stacking action of tomorrow!

Now I am home and trying to figure out the next step for tomorrow.  We still need to adorn the outside of the cake and put on ribbons and flowers.  I can’t believe we’re basically 85% done. OMG.  Just need to transport the cakes down safely.  Have a place to store them during the ceremony.  Assemble and put on the final touches before the reception.  AND THEN RELAX. AHHH!  😀

Here are some more pictures that I really like! 🙂

Can’t believe that Tritia is getting married in less than 14 hours! AH! 😀


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