Wedding Cake Adventures: Day #2

Oh my… I overslept by quite a bit.  Though… expecting my body to only nap for a couple hours when it’s already tired was a bit of unrealistic thinking.  This reminds me of studying for finals/writing papers when I’d tell myself I’d only nap for 1 hour and then… I wake up 5 hours later.  Yeah…

But it’s okay!  I’m awake and since my butter has been sitting out for awhile… this buttercream frosting business shouldn’t take me too long.  Hopefully.  🙂

This chocolate buttercream better be amazing.  Yes.  I admit it.   I haven’t made this before.. right now. 🙂  But you know how I KNOW it’ll be amazing?  Besides the fact it’s Joy the Baker’s favorite recipe, it has HEAVY CREAM and OVALTINE in it.  Oh yes.  That definitely means DELICIOUSLY RICH chocolate buttercream.

Hehe.  Ovaltine makes me think of those commercials… “More Ovaltine, please!”  I remember thinking this as a kid.  This and Nesquik.  Man.  No wonder I still crave chocolate milk today…

OH SNAP. I just tasted the buttercream. SO GOOD.  GAH.  I must resist licking my fingers… 🙂

Okay now I just have to make… like 5 more batches of this.  And then chocolate mousse.. but I may need to wait on making the chocolate mousse until I get to church.  I’m going to use the church kitchen because there is much more table space there than in my puny apartment.  This is going to be interesting… transporting 6 cakes and a huge tupperware of frosting and chocolate mousse plus decorating tools and what not.  I really hope I don’t crash or drive too crazy. 😦

All right.  I’m behind schedule.  Must get to work and bust out move frosting.

Yum.  Since I’ve started this post, I’ve made 4 batches.  Perhaps two more just to be safe?  Ugh.  I don’t have enough tupperware. haha.  Must switch to ghetto mode… 🙂


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